Friday, May 7, 2021

Oscar Writers Reflect on Hosting Annie Hathaway and James Franco of the Year

Anne Hathaway and James Franco were added as hosts, and people were added production Now revealing that the pairing of both was a disaster from the beginning.

The producers and writers of that show spoke to The Ringer about how Hathaway and Franco’s work habits and personality were not a great match.

When staff wrote that the two would be a spoof in Christopher Nolan’s film “Inception”, it required a month-long preparation.

“Anne made herself readily available,” author Jordan Rubin told the publication. “I went to his house and worked on the script and he was a great collaborator for answering conference calls and emails.”

Rubin said that Franco was deep into his college stage, taking doctoral classes in the Department of English at Yale University in Connecticut.

“He always seemed to be on a flight and it was very difficult for me to catch him,” Rubin recalled. “That was a red flag.”

During the rehearsal, Hathaway “showed up ready to play and was 110 percent committed,” Rubin said, while Franco “was a great guy but often looked like he just woke up from a nap. It’s almost like you One is showing in tennis. The court and one person decided that they were going to play in the US Open and the other wanted to play in jeans and hit some balls. “

Rubin said that things went bad when one day Hathaway kindly tried to give Franco a note on a line that was not working. He said that Franco told him “don’t tell me how to be funny”.

The production sank both and “chaos escalated”, as both failed to connect.

The Ringer reported that Hathaway and Franco declined to interview the piece, but has since appeared on the gig.

“I love her, but Anne Hathaway is so energetic, I think the Tasmanian devil will appear standing next to Anne Hathaway,” Franco Told David Letterman A few weeks after betting after the Oscars he was high during the event.
In Last summer conversation With fellow Oscar-hosting alum Hugh Jackman, Hathaway admitted it was not an easy task.

“I was focused on the parts of the show that I knew worked,” she said. “You know how sometimes your optimism gets confused and you’re just like, ‘If I’m really really good, it’s good for everyone. It didn’t work in that case.’ ”


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