Sunday, April 11, 2021

Oxfam suspends two aid personnel at DRC after claims of sexual misconduct

In a statement sent to CNN Friday, the charity said it was looking into claims made against senior members of staff in the country, as part of its independent investigation in November 2020.

A spokesperson for Oxfam said in the statement, “We are conscious of our duty to the survivors, in which they advocate for speaking safely.

The new charges and suspensions come weeks after he was finally approved to bid for government donations. After a similar scandal in 2018.

Haiti banned Oxfam following an investigation that year that it covers sexual exploitation by staff members after the devastating earthquake in 2010.

In 2019, the Charity Commission of England and Wales issued an official warning against Oxfam. In one report, it was found that issues in Haiti were not properly addressed, pointing to “generally serious problems with culture, morale and behavior” of some employees, and that senior staff members committed sexual misconduct Failed to raise complaints.

According to The Times, the allegations against Oxfam employees in the DRC prompted that a 10-page letter sent to charity bosses in February this year outlined the latest suspension and was signed by 22 current and former employees.

The new scandal comes when attempts are made to emerge from a series of reports of sexual exploitation by workers in the British aid sector. UK government investigation in 2018 Found that such abuses were “endemic” And has been happening for years.


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