Thursday, May 6, 2021

Patti Harrison wants to see what she can do

So when the attendees notice him, it was a very specific type of notice, at least at first. In those early meetings with production companies, Harrison was shining like pitches, for example, for a show about a dog and his adventurous, symbolic relationship with a small bird living in his rectum. (“I gave them my bedtime ideas,” she said.) But they were all interested in “stories about trans girls coming out and being dismissed by their families,” she said, or telling him of the difference. Come on the show to talk about. Between being gay and trans.

All of which made it “together together” which was a lot more special. Here was a story about an apparently ciegender woman – the plot revolves around her character’s pregnancy, after all – in which the relationship between the younger woman and the older man is much more nuanced, as in a lot of rom-coms Looks like. Not as much as they-or-won’t-they, and more: Where does all this happen, if anywhere?

“It really takes a lot of humility to engage in a story like this, and Patti is very polite, and always authentic,” Haley said. “But then he is also one of the funniest humans on earth.”

The film came at a time when Harrison was at a crossroads in his life. “I didn’t know if I was going to do more acting in TV writing or comedy, or what kind of inclination,” she said. “And I was processing a lot of feelings about my self-esteem, and body weakness. But then I got the script, and it was very delicate and positive and honest, which is the opposite of what I usually do in my comedy stuff. “

Beckwith, the director, saw Harrison starring in the late-night show and realized that she had found Anna. “Harrison had a wonderful, salty, slightly edgy, humor and mannerism about her,” Beckwith said, adding that she is “warm, strip-like, but not a completely open book,” with her attitude to Anna.

“Fall Together” was shot in just 19 days in the fall of 2019, with limited possibilities for retake. “The scene where his water breaks – that was our version of a stunt,” Beckwith said. “And we only had two pair of pants, so we could only do it twice.”

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