Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Pelosi says women should be believed, but Cuomo stops calling for resignation

Pelosi said in ABC’s “This Week”, “The governor must look inside his heart. He loves New York, to see if he can govern effectively.”

“When I said at the time that these revelations came forward, I said that what these women said should be treated with respect. They are credible and serious allegations, and then I called for an investigation. I got the Attorney General of New has faith. York, “Pelosi said. “Again, what did these women come forward with all the respect in the world.”

Is also the subject of Cuomo facing multiple charges of sexual harassment and unwanted advances Impeachment check The speaker of the New York State Assembly authorized the Judiciary Committee to begin the investigation this week.

While Cuomo has “apologized for making anyone feel uncomfortable,” the Democrat has said that he “never touched anyone inappropriately.”

Pelosi said on Sunday that “people have to look inside themselves and say, and gov. Cuomo, too, are they, how effective is their leadership in the circumstances leading up to the state? But I think women Worth listening to? The results of these investigations are as governor. No tolerance, no tolerance, this is a subject very near and dear to my heart. ”

On a push by ABC’s George Stephanopolous about whether he was calling for Quomo to resign, the California Democrat responded: “I think we should see the results (of the investigation), but he can decide – And hopefully this result will happen soon – and (I’m saying that the governor should look inside his heart, he loves New York, to see if he can govern effectively. “

When CNN was asked after the interview why she would not call Cuomo to resign – despite Schumer doing so – Pelosi said on Sunday: “He’s a New Yorker, I’ve said what I said, this is my Statement. “

Most Democrats in New York’s Congress, including Senate Chief Leader Chuck Schumer, Has called on Cuomo to resign Sexual harassment allegations And Kovid-19 died on their handling private hospital.

Schumer repeated the call on Sunday, telling MSNBC that Cuomo had lost the confidence of others that he needed to lead his home state.

“I salute the brave women who come forward,” Shumar said on Sunday morning. “There are many, serious, credible allegations of abuse so that Gov. Cuomo has lost the trust of his governing colleagues and so many New Yorkers, so he should resign for the good of the state.”

Asked who would listen to Cuomo within the New York delegation, Schumer replied: “Look, I’m not going to speculate in the future, they should resign, they should resign.”

During a conference call on Friday, Cuomo clarified that he would not resign from the post despite public pressure.

“I am not going to resign. I was not elected by politicians, I was elected by the people,” he said, “the people of New York know me.”

The story has been updated with the comments of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.


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