Friday, May 7, 2021

Peloton Trade + Owners Asked to Stop Using Treadmill in ‘Urgent Warning’

In News release On Saturday, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said it had become aware of 39 accidents involving the treadmill, with numerous reports of children being trapped, pinched and pulled under the “$ 4,295 device”. The CPSC said it is urging customers with young children and pets to stop using the machine.

The statement comes after a March incident with a machine involving the death of a child. Peloton CEO John Foley at the time sent a letter to the owners of Trader +, stating that “a warning comes after the tragic accident of a child and Trad +, resulting in, unprovoked, a death.”

The CPSC released a video showing a young child playing with a powered treadmill while he fell from the ground and the child was pinned under him. The agency released details of other incidents, including when a child was injured, when an adult was using it and “pets and objects” were also being sucked in, suggesting that “there would have been potential harm to the user” Is if the user loses balance as a result. “

peloton ()PTON) A release on Saturday blew up the CPSC, calling its warning “inaccurate and misleading”. Peloton said there is “no reason” to stop using the machine if safety instructions, such as its security key, are used correctly. It also said that children and pets under 16 should be kept away from “all the time”.

In particular, the peloton took issue with the video released by the CPSC. The company said that if the treadmill’s safety key had been used properly, it would have “avoided the kind of incident that this video depicts.”

“The Trade + Tray on Delivery + security card left on top of the tray contains security warnings and instructions at several locations, including a user manual,” said Peloton.

The CPSC said it is continuing to investigate “all known incidents” with the machine. It suggests that owners will stop using the machine if they have small children or pets in the house. If customers wish to continue using it, the unit should be kept in a closed room away from children and pets, and unplugged when not in use. The Commission requests people to report incidents on it. Website Or at its hotline at 800-638-2772.

Voluntary recall was not issued by the agency because the peloton has not agreed to corrective action, such as repair or replacement, nor is it preventing the sale of Trade + according to the person familiar with the situation.

Consumer Reports, the nonprofit consumer watchdog group, called the peloton’s actions “outrageous” and said the company was not putting security first.

William Wallace, manager of security policy, said, “You would think the CPSC could easily order a recall in such a case, but that’s not thanks to the law on the books that allows corporate public relations from children’s lives She puts forward. ” In Consumer Reports, in a statement. “The CPSC’s warning states that Pelton is not protecting at first, and there is very little that the agency can do that is beyond the public’s awareness.”

The Peloton Tread + is the most expensive treadmill in the company’s hardware lineup. It recently Released a cheap treadmill, Which is not affected by this warning.


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