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Philadelphia Eagles GM Howie Rosman spoke on the team’s next steps

Nick Foles. The Philly Special. Lombardi Trophy down Broad Street.

Memories of jackal from Philadelphia Eagles win first Super Bowl The 2017 season has faded dramatically for the team’s famous vocal fans, who have since fallen into disrepair after a rapid descent.

After sneaking into the NFL playoffs in 2018 and 2019, the Eagles went into free fall last season, through a combination of injuries and poor play, ending with a 4K-1 record. Architect of the championship run was rewarded: quarterback Carson Wentz reportedly signed a second contract Priced at $ 128 million over four years (With almost two-thirds guaranteed), while coach Doug Pederson and general manager Howie Rosman received contract extensions. but Pederson fired Wentz, who was once considered the future of the franchise after the previous season and once injured, was traded to the Colts in March.

Rosman, who has been the general manager for every season since 2010, now has to find a way out of Morse for the Eagles in a year when Salary cap reduced by 8 percent The Eagles’ current contracts also put them near the bottom of the league Money available for new player signatures. In two interviews, Rosman spoke with The New York Times about the franchise’s ascent ahead of the 2021 draft starting Thursday, where the Eagles took a total of 11 pinches.

The interview is summarized and lightly edited for clarity.

There is still a ban on getting potential draft picks. For example, you met Carson Wentz four times before you picked him up. This year, you would not have any face-to-face meeting. How have you adapted?

Rosman: I think this is where the value of our scouting is more important than ever, because these people have actually studied these players and talked to their sources since they arrived in college. Now it is different due to the epidemic. But they have this background on these people that they are starting the year before they come out and they are underclassmen. And so you are really trusting them and who are the team leaders. Background and character are a big part of what we do in a normal year, but even more integral is when you are talking about this kind of process.

You helped the Eagles rebuild again after their last recession in 2015 and 2016. How is the process different this time?

We have been in situations where we may not have as much property as we hold in the next two years. We are excited about it. Once we climbed the mountain, we will climb again.

Why did you move on from Carson Wentz after much effort to draft him and sign a contract extension?

When we saw the whole picture moving forward and were able to not only get draft picks, but also get close to $ 50 million in cap relief, we felt this was a win for us, the players and the Colts. And they are the best trades.

What should the eagles take away from the fans Business that sent Wentz to Indianapolis (For a third round pick this year and a conditional second round pick next year)?

Because we have a lot of picks over the next two years, it gives us the flexibility to move up and down the draft board not only to target certain people, but also if the business is in a particular position in the market There is an opportunity, bring that man, especially when we look at the cap and how the cap is reduced due to the epidemic.

Was there anything special about Wenz that caused you to move on?

I don’t know that we can point to a factor. I think it was a variety of factors that led us to this, including his desire for a new beginning.

Does this mean Jalan Hurts is your new franchise quarterback?

This is one of those games, when you take a short period of time, you cannot evaluate any player just on ability. So for any young player, including Jalan, he will have to spend days upon days to improve his craft and continue working.

What is the most difficult aspect of the 8 percent reduction in salary cap, especially when you have such a low cap on your roster?

This is the first year I can remember that we were actually forced to be more conservative in terms of opportunities. We are balancing that with the knowledge that we have a lot of draft picks going forward that will give us a lot of young players in the roster.

When you hear criticism do you think that you are not doing enough or the players are not doing enough or the coaches are not doing enough?

We are not looking like this, you know, let’s see how long we can struggle. We want to start it as soon as possible, and we think we have done it. You talked to coach about the transition [Andy] Reed and coach [Chip] Kelly came in, and we won 20 games over the next two years. Coach Pedersen came in, we won seven and then we won 35 over the next three years. And so that’s our goal, and accumulating wealth is one way to make us better – it’s not to sit here and just see how long it takes to get back on top.

Some reports describe dysfunction. Last year in the team’s front office. Are those descriptions appropriate?

Last year was a unique year in terms of communication for everyone with an epidemic. But at the same time, if we did not have a team that worked together, we would not have had the success that we had in the past, when we dealt with adverse situations, was it coming back in 2016? Was, a complete new group and in our second year, or winning a championship in 2018 and 2019, with us starting, consolidating one year and making a strong run in the playoffs and winning the division in the second year.

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