Monday, June 21, 2021

‘Plan B’ review: A joy ride in search of emergency contraception

In sweet comedy “Alternative Plan,” Sunny (Kuhu Verma) and Lupe (Victoria Moroles) are teenage best friends, bound by hormonal cravings and their desire to hide around their strict but loving parents.

When Sunny’s mother is out of town, the two have a party together, and impulsively, Sunny has sex for the first time. When she wakes up, she realizes that she slept with a condom inside her body, posing a risk of an unplanned pregnancy. Emergency contraception is needed, and Lup is fine with her friend as she runs to retrieve it.

The only problem is that Sunny and Lupe live in South Dakota, a state that allows pharmacists to refuse the drug based on objections to reproductive rights. Sunny and Lupe are refused the morning after the pills at their local pharmacy, so they hit the road in search of the nearest planned paternity, making their way to the playground for a meeting with drug dealers and crushes. Concert organized by.

This Dude Comedy (Streaming on hulu) Was directed by the actress Natalie Morales, And his filmmaking demonstrates the same confident confidence he has shown as an actor in TV series such as “Ling Ki Battles” and “Dead to Me”. The pace is not quick, the punch lines are carelessly understated and the performances are relaxed and charismatic. The emphasis in “Plan B” rests on its characters and their relationships with one another, and this grounded sense of care lends a sense of assurance to more risky scenes – including an extended scene of full frontal male nudity.

The film does not make fun of Sunny and Lup’s concerns about pregnancy, dating, and parental expectations, and in turn, it is a pleasure to laugh through their goofy feats.

Alternative plan
Not rated. Running Time: 1 hour 48 minutes. Look at Hulu.

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