Police say 6 people in custody on suspicion of assassinating Haiti’s president

Security forces gather evidence around the perimeter of Haiti’s President Jovenel Mosse’s residence in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on July 7, 2021. Joseph Odellin/AP

The President of Haiti was Jovenel Mois murder in his house At around 1 a.m. on Wednesday, according to Acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph, who described the killing as a “heinous, inhuman and barbaric act”.

This incident has left many Haitian and Haitian American Rev Reginald Jean-Marie, a priest from Little Haiti in Miami called to mourn the loss of both the president and his sense of stability CNN affiliate WSVN.

“I am so broken to learn the news, that we have fallen so low, we have fallen so low as a country,” said Jean-Marie. “The country is in a very difficult position. In the 21st century, this is not where we expected the country to be.”

After the president’s death, Jean-Marie said that the community should now do some “soul-searching”.

Moise’s murder also has many Haitian-American community leaders concerned about Haiti’s future.

“There are very real apprehensions about whether there will be violence on the streets,” said Vania Andre, publisher of the Haitian Times, an influential newspaper for the Haitian diaspora in the US.

In addition, many had hoped that the political and social unrest after the devastating 2010 earthquake would improve with immense international support. According to Andre, some Haitian Americans also moved back to Haiti to help support the country’s development.

However, the assassination of the president could stall any progress and future development, André said.

“The murder of Moise is the final nail in the coffin for them,” Andre said. “This is a generation of change who, who had an idea for a non-profit, business, initiative that supports sustainability in the country, will now think twice whether Haiti is worth it.”


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