Thursday, May 6, 2021

Poor review of ‘Citizen Kane’ revealed that ‘Paddington 2’ officially got better

Orson Welles’s work is considered one of the most important titles in film history, leading to many filmmaking techniques that are still in use today.

But it was clearly a critic for the Chicago Tribune, whose Lukewarm review It comes back eight decades after it was written to tarnish the film’s legacy.

“Citizen Kane ‘presents an almost clinical dissection of a complete egoist,” the review reads. It goes on to dismiss the film’s use of a moody set: “I only know that it gives a creep and I wanted them to let in a little sunshine.”

review was added On March 2 on Rotten Tomatoes website, but only seen in recent times. The website links to newspaper clippings of a decades-old story, and in addition to this, “Citizen Kane” no longer has a specific review.
Wells’ film still enjoys 116 positive writings on the website, but the only black mark removes the film from the exclusive “100% Club” – A collection that includes films such as the first two “Toy Story” installments, the much awaited “Paddington” sequel and Arnold Schwartzenegger’s action classic “The Terminator”.

The offending review appears to be written anonymously, with a byline “Mae Teane” having a clear sentence on “Matinee”.

He is a critic Listed As the author of several contemporary reviews for the Chicago Tribune between the 1920s and 1960s – he was more acclaimed for other classics including “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Casablanca”.

The write-up noted the hype that had already surrounded the film upon its release, but critics were not yet unpublished. “Citizen Kane ‘fails to impress reviewer most filmed scenes,” the headline reads.

Wells had a 25-year-old event when his first feature film, based on the life of the newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst. He also starred in the film, and his directorial creativity – with cinematographer Greg Toland’s distinctive deep focus frame and unusually angled shots – revolutionized film-making.

“Manak,” is a biographical film Herman J., author of “Citizen Kane”. Mankiewicz was nominated for several Oscars at last week’s Academy Awards, eventually dropping out of the Best Picture Award for “Nomadland”.


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