‘Prince of Opera’ bid farewell to Munich

The audience was also curious. Before the pandemic, the company’s ticket sales capacity stood at around 98 percent. During the Bachelor’s early years in Munich, Bavarian Culture Minister Wolfgang Heubisch said that the house was an important contributor to the city’s economy, and “we as spectators were always excited about the next performance.” (The company is backed by extraordinary government subsidies of 71.8 million euros or $85.2 million in 2019 from Bavaria and the city of Munich – almost two-thirds of its budget.)

“You can sum it up in a nutshell,” Hubish said. “Nicholas Bachler was a true blow of fate to Munich and the State Opera.”

It is rare for an opera company leader to be described in these terms. For example, in Paris and New York, such managers have recently been openly criticized by coworkers and embroiled in labor disputes. Elsewhere, he may be respected, but rarely described with the loving language that singers, directors, and others use for Bacheler. But he believes it is time for a change.

“You shouldn’t stay too long, but one has the presence and energy of one’s age and energy,” said Bacheler, 70. “I received a lot of offers for other opera houses, but it was clear to me that I was someone Won’t go to any other big institute.”

Now departing, he can view his achievements without realizing that he has become bogged down in routine, which he considers “against the art”. They are proud of their insistence on marrying the prestige of directors and singers, with high-profile names from top to bottom across most billing and small roles taken on by a stellar cast of emerging artists.

Bacheler won the respect of the directors by not interfering much in their work. (“My job is to take the consequences and learn from the failures,” he said.) And he won the world’s most important singers with a personality he described as nurturing, honest, and committed. For example, he made the Bavarian State Opera the home company of Kaufmann, who, despite having grown and trained in Munich, sang only a few times in the house before Bachler joined.

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