Sunday, April 11, 2021

Prince’s debut unreleased ‘Welcome 2 America’ album dropping in July

The Prince Estate and Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, announced the upcoming release of the 2010 Prince album, “Welcome 2 America”.

It has been described as “a powerful constructive statement documenting the prince’s concerns, hopes, and philosophies for a transformed society, currently renouncing political division, disintegration, and renewed fight for racial justice.” Has been doing.”

The title track, “Welcome 2 America”, is now streaming on multiple platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.

“During the powerful song, Rajkumar Soliloki, a bold, spoken word for music about the golden parachute, the superficial nature of social media, the reality TV-fuel celebrity culture, and the corporate monopoly in the music industry, ultimately conclude that America is America, according to a news release, “Slave’s free / home land,”.

The iconic artist died in April 2016 Accidentally overdosing on opioid fentanyl.

Shortly after completing the 2010 “Welcome 2 America” ​​album, Prince embarked on a tour of the same name that included several performances in several American cities.

He closed it with a “21 Night Stand” at the Forum in Inlingwood, California.

The deluxe edition of “Welcome 2 America” ​​will include the full Studio Vault album on CD and black vinyl (with a high-resolution digital download), as well as a previously released full concert show of Prince’s April 28, 2011 seminar. .

“60 Minutes” correspondent John Wartheim received a preview of the album as well as the story behind its creation that will air on CBS this Sunday.

“Welcome 2 America” ​​drops on July 30.


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