Putin’s spokesman says US-Russia relations are so bad that only a summit can solve them

“The main reason for [to go] Relations between our two countries are in bad shape. And a significant level of this relationship that calls for a summit between our two countries because that’s the only way … to prevent further deterioration of our dialogue,” Peskov told CNN.

Next week’s high-stakes summit in Geneva comes as ties between the two countries plunged to a recent new low in the first few months of the Biden administration.

The US announced sweeping sanctions in April, punishing moscow For its interference in the 2020 US election, its ongoing occupation and “serious human rights abuses” in Crimea, and the SolarWinds cyber attack – one of the worst data Violations to ever hit the US government.
Russia’s ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, withdrawn from Washington after Biden called Putin killer in march John Sullivan, the US ambassador to Russia, left Moscow after he suggested returning to Washington to consult with Russia.
Biden told a hangar of US troops on Wednesday that he was in Europe to defend the concept of democracy and warned his Russian counterpart that he planned to raise poignant issues. during their chat. “I’m going to the G-7, then going to the NATO ministerial level and then to Mr. Putin to tell him what I want to tell him,” Biden said.

That is why the summit would be “a very good opportunity” to address the concerns of both countries, Peskov said on Friday.

He accused the US of stalling dialogue between the two countries over the past five to seven years “in all areas, including areas important to our people and even mankind, such as [the] fight terror [attacks], climate change, economic cooperation, cooperation in vaccines, in pandemics … they refuse to cooperate with us in combating digital crime, and so on.”

According to reports that no. Will not done joint press conference At the end of the Biden-Putin summit, Peskov told CNN that Russia was not expecting one. However, the Kremlin said that negotiations on the final draft are on.

“We have heard from our American counterparts about such a possibility, but we are still waiting for final confirmation, but from the very beginning, President Putin has been open to any option,” Peskov said.

Peskov said Putin was ready to attend a joint press conference or hold a press conference of his own in Geneva.

One poignant issue Biden can hope to raise is Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny, who was imprisoned earlier this year for allegedly violating the probation conditions of a 2014 case.

However, Peskov told CNN that Putin was not planning to engage with Biden on the subject of Navalny – whom Putin never refers to by name.

Asked whether Putin planned not to back down on the issue, a Kremlin spokesman said: “Well, there is nothing to discuss about this gentleman. There is nothing. He is in jail, and he is not on the agenda of our bilateral relations.”

A Moscow court ruled on Wednesday that two organizations linked to Navalny are “extremist” groups – forcing them to shut down and disqualifying their members from participating in upcoming elections. Both groups deny the allegation of militancy.

For Biden, Geneva summit aims to be more stable and predictable diplomatic relations with Russia.
but their administration have low expectations for the meeting, and suggested that the US and Russia would walk away from the meeting with any significant agreement.

“We don’t think of a US-Russia summit in terms of deliverables,” National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters this week. “We’re thinking of this as an opportunity to communicate our intentions and capabilities.”

Next Wednesday’s talks will be potentially full of talks for the two leaders, according to US officials, which are expected to include cyberattacks, human rights violations and Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Biden initially proposed summit with Russian president During a telephone call in April, And both sides have since been working to finalize the details.

Despite the deteriorating relationship between the two countries over issues such as Ukraine and election interference, Biden hopes to establish a clear channel of communication that will avoid undue surprises.

Their meeting will mark the end of Biden’s first overseas trip as US president, beginning with a Group of Seven summit at a seaside resort in Cornwall, UK. After the conclusion of the G7 on Sunday, Biden left for Brussels for the NATO summit and then had a meeting with Putin.


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