Tuesday, April 13, 2021

‘Q: Into the Storm’ wants to remove the curtain on the origin of QAnon

Hawke spent many years collecting this story, which in its newest aspect tries to cover up the wizard who has millions of people in secret-social posts. Yet the film finds enough time (indeed, too much) to locate those who have given their lives over it Strange propagandist of conspiracy theories, And his unwavering belief in the problems lies in the political class and society at large.

In the context of “The Matrix”, those Q believers spoke of being “rednecked” – that is, with their eyes wide open. Hostack has sought to identify a list of suspects despite the painstaking work and told QAnon’s architects, it’s hard to see how some of these people can be removed, with the director calling the January 6 rebellion in Capitol Told “inevitable conclusion”. An absurd and almost unbelievable story. “

Working with producer Adam McKay (whose credits include HBO’s “Saxation”), Hobb’s investigative reporting worldwide – from the Philippines to Japan, Italy to Washington – tracks down clues and interacts with the cast of characters. Charity can be called eccentric to meet.

At its core is the father-son orgy of Jim and Ron Watkins, whose 8chan board provided a home for QAnon; And Fredrik Brennan, the original producer of the stage before falling in with Watkins, due to an increasingly bitter feud.

The conflict at times risks sucking the hob into the narrative. Key players appear to attract attention despite occasional opposition to the contrary, which may explain why they keep talking when it sometimes seems to be in their best interests.

The filmmaker’s widely cast net also faces off with high-profile figures such as Trump Associate Roger stone, As Hoback explores suggestions whose invisible hands may have aided or abetted QAnon’s bizarre beliefs about ritual pedophilia and more. Hoback declined to include footage of former President Trump because the movement was rejected, citing the conspiracy that fed the minds of devotees “The calm before the storm” On October 2017 press availability.
Like many multi-episode documentaries, “Into the Storm” could complete its journey in less than six hours, but Hoback looked determined not to leave any stone unturned, and given the stakes – Q followers. with Entered the political arena And elected to Congress – it was worth the effort.

“Q derives its power from oblivion. From myth,” Hawk notes near the end.

However, the troubles preceding Hawk’s findings in the final episode suggest that many Q believers have slid down the rabbit hole far below, as the animated credits suggest – and are much more committed to this deceptive crusade. – Easily find or accept face-saving approach.

“Q: Into the Storm” premieres on March 21 at 9 pm ETB on HBO with back-to-back episodes, which, like CNN, are a unit of WarnerMedia.


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