Sunday, May 9, 2021

Queen’s husband, Prince Philip dies: latest update

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CNN historian and royalist Kate Williams said Prince Philip’s death was “truly the end of an era.”

Williams stated that “it is very sad that he died just a few months before his 100th birthday.” The Duke of Edinburgh must have turned 100 on 10 June.

Reflecting Prince Philip’s legacy and the tireless work he had done until his retirement in 2017, Williams said that he was “a man who first dedicated service to the monarchy, the country and its causes.”

“It was surprising to both her and the queen that she came to the throne so quickly,” Williams explained. “The King, George VI, died at a very young age – he was just in his 50s. Both the Queen and Prince Philip were expected to be many more years – that the Queen would come to the throne at the age of forty or so, the Duke. Mid-Terrorism

Williams said that for Duke, who served “so bravely” in World War II, it was difficult for his wife, the Queen, to take back a seat.

“He had to give up so soon, so soon,” Williams said. “His naval career … It was a difficult task for such determination, an alpha male has to follow the queen … but he dedicates himself to it.”


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