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Rangers play baseball in front of Packers house

There was no need to pipe into the crowd noise at the Globe Life Field on Monday, as the Texas Rangers hosted the Toronto Blue Jays in front of the largest crowd at a sports event in the United States in more than a year.

During quiet moments with long lines of fans constantly waiting for Bulbul to come to the stadium, the game in Arlington, Texas was a throwback for a time before the game crippled the country.

“It felt like a real game,” Rangers manager Chris Woodward said. “It felt like the old days back when we had full potential.”

The lifting of state capacity restrictions made heavy congestion possible. And for Major League Baseball, which claims its teams collectively lost billions during the largely fanless by 2020, it was a sign of hope that large crowds could return to all of the league’s games much earlier . There is an open question whether such incidents can remain safe as the epidemic continues.

The Rangers announced in March that the team would sell tickets for every seat of their home opener at the stadium opened last season. And that came on Monday, with an official crowd of 38,238 fans. That total, which was announced as a sell-off, represented 94.8 percent of the stadium’s capacity of 40,300 seats, and included the Daytona 500 (which allowed more than 30,000 fans) and the top in the Super Bowl (24,835). But both of which were held as the largest crowd at the US sporting event in February, the epidemic began last year.

But given the potential of other locations, the difference was even greater than the suggested raw numbers. Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Flta., Can hold 101,500 fans, and Rema James Stadium, in Tampa, Fla., Can be configured to hold more than 75,000. As a result, both events had room for fans to practice social distance. Meanwhile, Rangers fans were shoulder to shoulder with the team in a fairly intimate lay-off stadium.

MLB All fans older than 2 are required to wear masks in this season’s games, but a large percentage of fans in Arlington went maskless. This will undoubtedly increase the likelihood of the event resulting in a spike in coronavirus cases.

Health officials in Florida said the Super Bowl Super spreader did not change to event Some were afraid. The US government’s top infectious disease specialist, Dr. Said Anthony S. Fauci He believed that baseball games could be “very safe” Since most open-air stadiums are played. That being said, Joe Arlington, the director of Health and Human Services for Dallas County, said he believed it was Too early for big meetings.

The large crowd was unable to give the home team the power to win, as the Rangers lost 6–2 to the Blue Jays, as their offense completely dominated former Mets starter Steven Matz. Texas, which finished last season in the American League West, is 1-3 to start the 2021 season.

“We were hoping that if the stadium gave us something to cheer us on, we would be able to see how high our stadium was,” Woodward said. “Unfortunately we did not do that.”

Despite the lack of restrictions in Texas, the Rangers plan to reduce the globe life field’s potential for future games for social distance. Monday’s capacity crowd was largely allowed as so many fans were unable to experience the newly created Globe Life field last season, as it opened during an epidemic-shortened season in which fans were allowed to play regular season games. Was not allowed to participate in. The stadium hosted a limited crowd, serving as a neutral venue for the National League Championship Series and World Series, which the Los Angeles Dodgers won in six matches.

Before Monday’s game began, Greg Greg Abbott, a Republican, publicly announced he had Sent a letter For the Rangers refusal to throw a formal first pitch. Abbott, who had previously agreed to participate in the event, said the decision was taken as a reaction to the MLB in which they adopted a “false narrative”. Moving the All-Star Game away from Atlanta In response to Georgia’s new election rules. He said that apart from not being present at Monday’s game, he would not participate in any MLB events and would not try to host any special events of his state league in the future.

Abbott played a big role in Monday’s record-setting appearance by lifting all capacity restrictions in the state. Soon after those restrictions were lifted, the Rangers announced that they would allow a full crowd of exhibition games in addition to the regular season home opener. The exhibition games, in which Texas lost to the Milwaukee Brewers, both announced an attendance of 12,911 on March 29 and 10,859 on March 30.

We were in the game for the first time during a pandemic on March 29 to document the removal of its capacity restriction:

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