Friday, May 7, 2021

Red states are vaccinated at a lower rate than blue states

vote All have suggested that Republicans will be less likely to receive vaccinations than Democrats – and this is now being seen in the real world.

The Blue States are beginning to drop the Red States as soon as it comes to vaccination, and instances where this is not the case are often explained by other expected demographic patterns.

Let’s first look at the percentage of those 18 and older with at least one dose of the Kovid-19 vaccine.

The top 10 states on this metric include New Hampshire, New Mexico, South Dakota, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maine, Vermont, Alaska, and Minnesota, and Rhode Island. Almost all of these states were won by President Joe Biden last November, with Alaska and South Dakota being the exception.

Now look at the 10 states below on this metric: Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana, Indiana, Wyoming, Missouri, Arkansas, and Idaho. Former President Donald Trump won all of these states, except Georgia last year.

Right now, 46% of those 18 and on average Biden won were at least one dose of the vaccine. The average state Trump won fell to 41%.

You can also see that each state administers every 100,000 people aged 18 and older for every 18 years and above, per 100,000 people. The story is too much.

Of the top 10 states on this metric, nine are states that won the Biden last year. Eight of the 10 states to have been vaccinated have been won by Trump in 2020.

None of this should come as a surprise to those who are examining polling figures. One NPR / Marriage Poll In late March the region suggested that we should see a pattern in this way.

Like others, the poll found that Democrats were more likely to take the vaccine than Republicans. Among Democrats, 47% said they had already received one dose of the vaccine. Only 33% of Republicans said they have. Asked if they would eventually get, 42% of Democrats said yes, compared to 23% of Republicans.

In other words, what we are already seeing in terms of vaccination rates between blue states and red states is more than likely to widen the gap.

Republican and conservative Jerry Felwell Jr. To Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell To Like Have tried to ensure that it has not widened and spoken in favor of vaccines. Whether those efforts are willing to repay with more Republicans is not clear.

It will not be easy.

There are many reasons for vaccination for different people due to which the chances of vaccination for different people are less.

The majority of states where vaccination rates are the lowest are those where the Black population is higher and where college graduation percentages were lower, while the reverse is true in states with higher vaccination rates. In fact, you can explain the difference in vaccine rates from about 50% from state to state. Just by knowing What percentage of adult people are black and what percentage have a college degree.

Even if we are able to increase the vaccination rate in one of the lagging groups, it does not mean that others will not continue.


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