Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Republican governor of Arkansas vetoed anti-trans health care bill

Village. Asa Hutchinson told reporters that she murdered HB 1570 Because the bill would “be and is a huge governmental overdue” and because it would have “created new standards of legislative intervention with physicians and parents because they involve young people in some of the most complex and sensitive matters.”

The governor called the legislation “a product of cultural warfare in America”, stating that his veto came even when he believed the bill was “fair.”

The bill, called the Arkansas Save Alleges from Experiment (SAFE) Act, passed the state Senate last month by a vote of 28-7. The Rajya Sabha passed it by 70-22 votes in early March.

Bill did what has been called an “exception” for some intersex people with unspecified chromosomal makeup and hormone production, and with difficulties that stem from previous gender-affirming treatments. It would also have banned so-called cross-hormone therapy, a gender-affirming treatment that allows trans people to change their physical identity to be more consistent with their gender identity.

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