Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Review of ‘Operation Varsity Blues’: Failing the Ethical Test

Pop Quiz: Name the mastermind of the 2019 college bribe conspiracy that sent actors Felicity Huffman and Lori Laughlin to jail. Answer: William Singer (also known as Rick), the serial fabelist who guaranteed that they could get any child at an elite school for a price – or a “donation” – to only one F.B.I. To be. Informant and Media dazzle To loughlin, the Former star of “Full House”

Entertaining documentary “Operation Varsity Blues: College Admission Scam” (Streaming on netflix) Shifts the spotlight back to Singer, played with direct dialogue from the wiretap in re-enactments by Matthew Modin to understand how a flip-flop-clad former basketball coach found himself an academic happy-go-to for 1 percent. Rebranded as Hander.

Director Chris Smith (“American Movie,” “Fair”) specializes in ambitious monomaniacs. It describes Singer, who slept for three hours a night, often in an airplane or van. It also describes how the family served Singer, the alpha tycoon and the go-getters eagerly seen in front of the swimming pool, believing their child’s life was kaput without a slot at a top university. In his phone conversation with Modin’s singer Snape, he would get what he wanted with the blunt power of powerful people. Cracks a father, “Is there a two-in-one special for twins?”

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Since neither Singer nor his clients agreed to be interviewed, Smith subscribed to college counselors to highlight the toxicity of an application process that directly (private test tutors), micro (high-grade sports) Such as sailing or athletic admissions) maintains privilege both ways. Water polo), and suspects (say, a $ 2.5 million donation to Harvard shortly before Charles Cushner’s acceptance of his son, Jared). The singer merely took advantage of the flaws that continue to this day.

For less-privileged students, she is featured in a montage of home videos to find out she has been rejected by her dream school. Some, however, earn a spot despite the odds – and the pride on their faces cannot be bought for any price.

Operation Varsity Blues: College Admission Scam
Rated r. Running Time: 1 hour 39 minutes. Watch on Netflix.

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