Review: Stephen King Adapts His Book Into ‘Lysies Story’


The title character is played by Julianne Moore, who murders her husband Scott Landon (Clive Owen), a famous novelist, in front of her. But Lissie’s reluctance to part with her unpublished works upsets an academic (“This Is Us” Ron Cephas Jones), who yearns to get her hands on them, and a maniac to pursue manuscripts. The fan (Dane DeHaan) leads the way to the exit.

Still, this only scratches the surface of the dense and time-hopping narrative, as Scott continues to appear to Lissie, offering vague advice and cryptic clues as to what she needs to do to deal with the threats she faces, the exchange which Heavily decorated by surreal and supernatural fantasy.

Adding to the “ick” factor, Lissie’s catatonic, institutionalized sister (Joan Allen)—who is prone to cutting herself up—figures in the larger plot, such as extremely gruesome levels of violence and the occasional sequence in which the great torrent is turned upside down The vessels that contain water.

At its core, King explores the price of fame, extreme fantasy, and most importantly, the processes of love, loss and grief, with glimpses of Lissie and Scott’s lavish romance in as many as eight episodes – entirely directed by Chilean director Pablo. Directed by Lahren – Jump back and forth in time.

However, King’s involvement hasn’t settled what some of the previous adaptations have lacked. Instead, the writer vents the mess and mess that defies simple genre categorization—”macabre” would be the operative word—in a very drawn out fashion, as Lissie slowly discovers terrifying secrets from Scott’s past.

Despite his uneven screen track record, the combination of King’s loyal fans, his need for fresh material and the box-office success of the latest “It” iterations has fueled his cinematic onslaught of work old and new. Recent TV productions have included Riveting of HBO alone “outsider” and a remake of the less satisfying Paramount+ mount “tripod” Last year, as well as the upcoming “Chapelwhite” for Epix.

Like a well-traveled transit line, if you miss one King production, never fear, another will soon follow along. And despite the big names, if you bypass the stop for “Lissy’s Story,” you won’t miss much.

“Lysies Story” premieres June 4 on Apple TV+.


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