Rose Namunas clinches the UFC title by defeating Chinese star Zhang Weili


In her last bout, in March 2020, she successfully defended her title in a five-round battle against Zdrejski, widely viewed by UFC fans as the fight of the year. After that victory, the 30-year-old became the daughter of a coal laborer, Zhang A symbol of women’s rights and a national hero In her home country, the state-run news media distinguished her as “China’s most capable female fighter” and “the female warrior of the east”.

Namjun, who is a Lithuanian-American, recently sparked controversy by referring to the fight with Zhang as an ideological contest between freedom and communism. “better dead than red, ”Said Namjunas at one time, using a McCarthy-era anti-communist slogan. She later retracted from her comments, stating that she never wanted to personally insult Zhang.

As the bout got underway on Saturday, Namajunas dropped Zhang with a left-head kick before the two fighters exchanged several kicks and jabs. The Namazis then leaped at Zhang and began beating him with a right hammer before the referee jumped to announce the victory of a referee. Defeating ended Zhang’s 21-fight career streak.

Shortly thereafter, Zhang expressed disappointment with the call, stating that he felt it had been made too soon. However, among Zhang’s fans on Chinese social media, among commentators, most acknowledged that this was the right call.

Zhang later congratulated Namajunas in a post on the Chinese social media platform Weibo.

“Only by defeating a great champion can I become a legend, and only by defeating a legend, can I become a new person,” she wrote. “Earlier, I aimed to win the UFC Championship, but now I have more goals than the Championship.”

“I hope the UFC can arrange a second fight as soon as possible,” he said.

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