Rush Limbaugh, conservative media icon, dead at 70 following battle with cancer

Rush Limbaugh, conservative media icon, dead at 70 following battle with cancer

Limborg’s wife Catherine made the announcement on Wednesday on her radio show.

“As many of you know, it is very difficult to lose a loved one, even more so when that dear person is larger than life,” she said. “Rush will be the greatest forever.”

Limbaugh announced in February 2020 that he had been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. Limbaugh continued to host his show during treatment, and he told the audience that he hoped he would defeat the disease.

A pioneer of AM talk-radio, Limbagh, 32, hosted “The Rush Limbo Show”, a nationally-syndicated program with millions of loyal listeners, which saw him as a partisan power and polarizing figure in American politics. Changed to. In many ways, his radio show was like a big bang in the conservative media universe. “The Aarush Limbaugh Show” helped popularize the political talk-radio format and gave rise to a generation of stereotypes.

Using his oversized platform, Limbaugh advanced conservative views, though he often drifted into conspiratorial waters and generated controversy for hateful remarks on gender and race. During his career, Limbaugh started several fires with his remarks.

Actor Michael J. Limbaugh offered a conditional apology after he accused Fox of exaggerating his Parkinson’s disease and when he apologized to Sandra Flook, an abusive law school student. He continued to attack President Barack Obama, going so far as to incite the flames of extremism, the idea that Obama was born outside the United States and therefore not eligible to become president. And, over the years he thwarted “deep state” intrigues by providing cover for former President Donald Trump, which he counted as a friend.

Recently, Limbaugh appeared to approve some form of political violence in the US Capitol on January 6, immediately after the uprising. He also threw backlash at the start of the epidemic when he dismissed coronoviruses as the “common cold” and argued that it was used by mainstream members to bump Trump and damage his chances of re-election “. Armed “. This missel was the classic Limboof, who carved out a career to express his strong distrust of the established press order and referred to himself as “America’s anchorman”.

Despite his idea for further conspiracies and misinformation benefiting Trump and other political celebrities he has supported over the years, Limbaugh acknowledged the weight of his words in a 2008 interview the new York Times.

“I take responsibility that comes very seriously with my show,” Limbaugh told the newspaper. “I want to persuade people with ideas. I don’t think about my power. But in my heart and soul, I know that I have become the intellectual engine of the conservative movement.”

‘Nobody had heard anything like this before’

Rush Hudson Limbaugh III was born in Cape Girardo, Missouri, to Rus Hudson Limborg Jr. and Mildred Caroline Limbaugh. His father, Limborg Jr., was a noted Republican activist. Limborg’s younger brother, David Limbaugh, is a lawyer and conservative commentator.

Rush Limbaugh sits at his desk at Talk Radio 700 KSEV during the Republican National Convention in Houston.  (Photo by Shepard Sherbell / Corbis / Getty Images)

From an early age, Limbaugh was interested in pursuing a career in radio. When he was 16 years old, Limbaugh enrolled in a summer course in radio engineering and obtained a broadcaster’s license. He soon joined local radio. Limbo’s father demanded that he enroll in college, but Limbaugh had little interest.

“My father expected me to be a professional man,” Limbaugh told The Times. “The problem was, I hated school. I hated what I had to do. I never got a merit badge in Boy Scouts. My grades in school were terrible. I just didn’t want to be there. I just Wanted. Stay on the radio. ”

Limbaugh attended Southeast Missouri State University for a year before eventually dropping out. He struggled to find a steady career in radio, working on various stations, including top-40 DJs. Limbaugh also struggled in her personal life, divorcing two women over a period of 10 years.

When he moved to Sacramento, California in 1984 to work at KFBK-AM, things changed. From there, Limbaugh developed “The Rush Limbo Show”. He achieved success, doing well in ratings and caught the attention of Ed McLaughlin, former head of ABC Radio. In 1988, when Limboghari’s show became nationally syndicated, he moved to New York to broadcast from WABC.

Brian Rosenwald, the author of “Talk Radio America,” told Boston public radio station WBUR in 2019, “Nobody had heard anything like that before. Rosenwald said,” This is a guy who was a DJ, four times Fired bullets. In the 70s, but he took high jokes from those DJs several times and aired it on an occasional talk show where he was to apply it to the values ​​he would find at the dinner table as his father grew up. They went. ”

Limbaugh enjoyed immense success, and he quickly became the king of talk-radio. President Ronald Reagan called him “the number one voice for conservatism” in the country. Limbaugh also had a brief stint on television, hosting the talk show from 1992 to 1996, produced by the late Roger Ell. Limba said he had no real rival.

“I don’t have any contestants,” Limborg told the Times in 2008. “[Sean] Hanity is not even close to me. ”

But he suffered some personal setbacks. In 2001, Limbo suffered a hearing loss due to Autoimmune Inner Disease. He later received a cochlear implant. In 2003, Limbaugh announced that he was addicted to pain medicine and would seek treatment. Limbaugh said he became addicted after back surgery. In 2006, he was accused of “doctorshopping”. His lawyer said he pleaded guilty and the charge would be dropped after completing 18 months of drug treatment.

Throughout all of this, Limbaugh remained the king of conservative talk-radio, earning a fortune along the way. The Limbago Florida Estate had five homes. He expressed an affinity for expensive cars. And he was a proprietor Personal aircraft.

At the time of a 2008 New York Times interview, Limbaugh was about to renew a contract with Premier Radio Network, estimated to be worth about $ 38 million per year. He told The Times that the contract included a nine-figure signed bonus. In January, Premier Radio Networks told CNN Business that Limbaugh had renewed a “long-term agreement”, but did not disclose these details. Trump said at a rally, however, that it was for four years.

“The most salient fact about Limbagh’s career may be that outside of a severely corrupt dictatorship, no one has made as much money from politics as Rush Limbaugh,” observed journalist Michael Wolff, who wrote for Limbaughey Profile was created. Vanity Fair magazine In 2009.
Rush Limbaugh at San Jose Civic Auditorium on February 8, 2005 (photo by John Medina / WireImage)
In 2010, Limbaugh married his fourth wife, Catherine Rogers, A 33-year-old event planner. Limbaugh paid Elton John a sum of $ 1 million to perform at the event, which was attended by members of the Republican elite, including Sean Hannity, Rudolf Giuliani, and Karl Rove, (link to

Limbaugh was generous with his wealth. He said that once ranked fourth on Forbes’ list of the most generous celebrities, he donated about 13% of his earnings to the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation for $ 4.2 million. Limbaugh has used his show to donate the audience to various charities during the rally, helping to raise millions of dollars for the needy. In recent years, he and his wife started the Rush & Katherine Adams Limboff Family Foundation.

His generosity also expanded elsewhere. Jeremy Sullivan of the Kobe Club in Missouri reported Grub street In 2008 that Limbaugh was a man who liked to “throw down the most massive suggestions”. “Their taps have been $ 5,000 over the past few years,” Sullivan said. Will link to grub street

However, Limbaugh was a sharp divisive figure. He was a Republican kingmaker, holding unrelated positions. Republican politicians and operatives did not cross his path. In 2009, when the then Republican National Committee President Michael Steele dismissed Limbaugh as an “entertainer”, Limbaugh went into the attack. Steele later apologized.

In the final years of his life, Limbaugh, most in conservative media, did everything in his power to protect Trump, resorting to disruptive dissolution and conspiracy theories for his audience. He attacked the so-called “deep position,” special counsel Robert Muller, and other alleged enemies of Trump.

When Trump faced impeachment trial for the first time in the Senate, Limbo went to bat for him each day. Limbaug attacked then-candidate Joe Biden, as well as defending Trump. Limbaugh told his listeners that Trump’s only crime was being “very successful”.

Limba claimed, “His impeachment is being conducted because his successes have greatly damaged the Democrat Party.”

During Trump’s second impeachment, Limbaugh accused Democrats of pursuing an “outrageous lie” about Trump’s involvement as part of a political effort to disqualify him for running away from office again. Limbau said Democrats were “mortally frightened” that Trump would retain his power over the Republican Party and therefore wanted to “stop” him from having public life. “

Limbaugh announced in February 2020 that he had been diagnosed with advanced cancer. A day later, Trump honored him with a presidential medal, the best honor a president can bestow on a citizen. The decision to award Limbaugh a resentment has been expressed by those who pointed to the radio host’s divisive rhetoric and inflammatory remarks.

The New Yorker editor David Remnick wrote, “Sympathy is due to one’s grief. But not high honors, not a celebration of life’s work devoted to the ridicule and insult of another.” “Honoring one of the nation’s highest awards on Limbaugh for the President of the United States is a morally corrosive and politically defensible act.”

Limbaugh, who has a close connection with his radio audience, told his listeners that he had received appreciation for “love and affection”, adding that it was “unlike anything I’ve ever dreamed or experienced.” But he said he does not like to talk about his treatment or health often.

“I remind you, I told you at the beginning of this that I am very flattering to all of you who care,” Timba said. “Don’t misunderstand. But I vowed not to let it take control of my life. I’ve seen it happen. It’s not difficult. It’s an incurable disease for a lot of people. It handles your life. I have vowed not to do so. ”




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