Sunday, May 9, 2021

Russell Crowe has revealed his role in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

The Oscar-winner casually revealed that he would be starring alongside her Chris Hemsworth During an interview with the Australian radio show Joy Breakfast with the Murphys in the upcoming “Thor: Love and Thunder”.

The 57-year-old star said on Monday, “I’m going to get on my bicycle and drive up to the Disney-Fox studio, and I’ll get out of the hot tongs, and around 9.15, I’ll be Zeus.” .

“It’s for ‘Thor”. This is my last day about Zeus-Ing and I am going to enjoy it, ”he said.

According to Marvel Comics, Zeus is the king of the Olympics, a group of characters inspired by Greek mythology. The Asgardians of Thor, on the other hand, are inspired by Norse mythology.

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The episode of high-profile names announced for the fourth installment of the Thunder franchise features the New Zealand-born actor’s latest identity as the Cast of Thunder and God of Wisdom.

In December, it was announced that Christian Bale Supervisor Gorer will bring his esoteric energy to the role of The God-Butcher.
Natalie Portman Will surprise her role as Jane Foster again And Chris prat Will return as Star-Lord.
Directed by the Oscar winner Taika Waiti, “Thor: Love and Thunder” slated for release in May 2022.


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