Friday, May 7, 2021

Russian politicians say Navalny’s life is Putin’s ‘personal’ responsibility

“The state of health of political prisoner Alexei Navalny puts her life in danger,” the letter states, with 11 leaders representing several regional parliaments, as they demanded that an independent doctor immediately travel to Navalny Be allowed.

The opposition’s figures went on a hunger strike on 31 March, demanding “proper medical care” and being investigated by an independent physician – his team claims he is unable to stay in the penal colony in Pokrov.

His colleagues are concerned about the health of the prison Kremlin critic, saying that Navalny is “dying” and Their doctors said Medical tests have shown that he is at risk of kidney failure and heart problems. CNN is unable to independently verify the health status of the Navy.

The letter has open letter for Russian citizens to sign, “We believe what is happening in relation to Navalny as an attempt on the life of a politician”. It was first shared and broadcast late on Saturday night.

“You, the President of the Russian Federation, personally take responsibility for the life of Alexei Navalny on the territory of the Russian Federation, including the facilities in prison – [you bear this responsibility] Navalni himself, his relatives and the whole world. It said, as well as called for the review and cancellation of criminal cases of all Navalni.

Nationwide protests

The escalating situation prompted Navalny’s allies to announce rallies across Russia in support of him on 21 April.

Navalny’s chief of staff Leonid Volkov said in a joint video with Alexei Navalny’s anti-corruption foundation (FBK) director Ivan Zhaidanov, “Navalny is now in the colony, his life hanging on a thread.”

He said, “He has been on hunger strike for several weeks. Medical attention is being sought. His condition is serious and we do not know how long he can stay out. But it is clear that we have time.” Is not. ” The video, which called citizens from across Russia to be taken to local central squares.

Russian Ambassador to the UK Andrey Kelin told the BBC in an interview aired on Sunday that Navalny is “behaving like a goon,” but that he may get a chance to be released from prison if he “behaves normally”. “

He refused to constitute normal behavior.

When asked by the BBC to answer whether the Russian government was prepared to let Navalny die in prison, Kellyanne said: “Of course he will not be allowed to die in prison. But I can say that Mr. Navalny behaves like a goon, absolutely. In an attempt to violate whatever rules have been established. Through all of this his public purpose is to draw attention, saying that his left hand is ill today, Tomorrow his leg is sick and all that stuff. “

Addressing critics saying Navalny is not allowed to see his personal physician, Kellyn asked: “What about British prisoners? Do British prisoners request individual doctors?”

“[Navalny] He said that necessary medical treatment has been found and I believe, we will take care of his medical treatment.

The French foreign minister said on Sunday that his country was “extremely concerned” about Navalny’s health.

“I think Mr. Navalny’s position is extremely worrying,” Jean-Yves Le Drian told public broadcaster France 3. “I note that there is indeed an authoritarian drift in Russia. Mr. Navalny’s case is the most symbolic, for which is most important. The mind,” he said.

Martin Goilandeau contributed to this report.


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