Sanders signals openness to Munchkin’s voting rights deal

“I think I’m prepared to do everything I possibly can to protect American democracy,” Sanders, who is independent from Vermont with Democrats, said when pressured by “State of the Union” by CNN’s Dana Bash. is inserted, if it supports Munchkin’s Proposal. “We’re going to do the best… I like what the House passed, HR 1.”

Sanders told Bash that he considers the House bill “a serious, comprehensive effort to protect American democracy,” adding that “we’ll see what develops here in the Senate.”

Senate voting is set to push legislation, the so-called For the People Act, in its current form that lacks Republican support and falls short of the 60 votes needed to pass.

Last week, munchkin option left open That he could support an amended bill after opposing an already drafted law. He said he stands ready for the people to support a number of provisions in the act, including declaring election day a public holiday, extending early voting by at least 15 consecutive days, and banning partisan gerrymandering.
But in return for his significant support, Munchkin wants the identification requirement for votes that include a utility bill as an option. Many progressives see necessity as discriminatory against racial minorities But Republicans see it as necessary to prevent potential voter fraud.
Compromise effort was backed by voting rights champions Stacy Abrams.

Manchin has long said that he believes any change of this magnitude should also have the support of Republicans.

In an attempt to entice Republicans to support a compromise effort, he held a teleconference call with several GOP senators—though the 50-50 chances of winning 60 votes in the Senate are dire.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell criticized the plan and indicated that Republicans would not support the proposal.


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