‘Scary moment’ of Marla Gibbs at Hollywood Walk of Fame unveiling

Gibbs, 90, was giving a podium speech during the unveiling of her star on the Walk of Fame when she suddenly stopped and was about to faint.

A man wearing a mask, who was in his group of guests, proceeded to save the “The Jeffersons” star from falling.

His daughter Angela Gibbs said into the microphone that her mother needed a “moment to calm down”. The temperature in Los Angeles crossed 90 on Tuesday.

The star eventually returned to the stage and ABC Affiliated to CNN 7 . told She later recovered from the heat and excitement of the day.

“I just got overwhelmed for a minute,” Gibbs said. “I didn’t get excited until this moment!”

Renowned TV producer and producer Norman Lear, who helped make Gibbs famous, lined up to witness the ceremony.

Gibbs is best known for playing sassy housekeeper Florence Johnson on the beloved sitcom “The Jefferson”, which ran from 1975 to 1985, and as Mary Jenkins on “227”, which aired from 1985 to 1990.


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