Screamers is a missing link to Los Angeles punk, missing no more

The Screamers story takes place in Southern California, but Greer and du Platy met in Seattle, as part of the quirky performance troupe Zee Whiz Kidz, and soon formed a heavy glam band, Tupper, eventually in Hollywood Deciding to try his luck. . Barrett was an aspiring visual artist from Oklahoma, and left for Los Angeles with $ 100 in his pocket. The quartet adopted the name of the Screamers and were immediate symbols among the sea of ​​misfits roaming the city. (Artist Gary Panter designed his logo of a childlike punk, which was in full swing.)

“Was there something in the water?” Said John Doe, singer and bassist for the band, who made a call in 1976 to relocate West. And people can own cars – and a sense of freedom. “

According to Barrett, a group of “50 people, 60 tops” constituted the entirety of the early Los Angeles punk scene. As music was just a social event, and the newborn Slash magazine Served as a “newspaper” for those who were hanging out. At the time, the crowd was quite diverse and independent thinking, particularly in terms of sexuality.

“I thought it was very inclusive,” said Joan Jett, one of the 50 or 60 people whose group Ronvez was the inspiration for the soon-to-be convictions. He also produced the only German album, (GI) from 1979. It was truly amazing. Some of the best times of my life that I remember – or don’t remember – belong to that time period. “

It will prove fleeting. By 1980, the scene’s music was turning into something else entirely: sharp, angrier. Ultimately, ideological functions, like the Screamers, fade away. (A controversial, drawn-out film project known as “Population: 1”, created by filmmaker Rene Dalder, also separated the group.)

Greer said the band was an experiment. “You know how the chemistry experiments are done: they are going to be panacea or they are going to be blisters on your face.” Since moving on, he has lived a private life – he cites his age as “pointless” – mostly while working “in the world of personal computers”, he said.

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