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See all the Oscars winners

Below is the complete list of candidates. Check back for updates on all overnight winners.



“Nomaland” * the winner

“Promising young lady”

“Sound of metal”

“Test of chicago 7 the

Success in a supporting role

Maria Bacalova, “Borat Subwendant Movefilm”

Glenn Close, “Hillbilly Algy”

Olivia Colman, “The Father”

Amanda Seyfried, “Mank”

Yun-Jung Yun, “Minari” * the winner

ACTOR in a support roll

Daniel Kaluuya as chairman Fred Hampton & quot;  Judas and the Black Messiah.  & quot;  (Courtesy: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Sacha Baron Cohen, “The Trial of the Chicago 7”

Daniel Kaluya, “Judas and the Black Messiah” * the winner

Leslie Odom Jr., “One Night in Miami”

Paul Rachie, “Sound of Metal”

Lakith Stanfield, “Judas and the Black Messiah”

International feature film

Mads Mikkelsen & quot;  One more round & quot;

“One more round” – Denmark * the winner

“Better Days” – Hong Kong

“Collective” – ​​Romania

“The Man Who Sold His Skin” – Tunisia

Q Vadis, Idea? – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Documentary (SHORT)

Colette Marin & quot;  Colette, & quot;  About a French woman who was part of the resistance during World War II.  (Rose Bush via AP)

“Colette” * the winner

“A concerto is a conversation”

“Don’t split”

“Hunger Ward”

“A love song for Latasha”

Document facility

& quot;  My Octopus Teacher.  & quot;  Courtesy: Netflix

“the collective”

“Crip Camp”

“Mole agent”

“My Octopus Teacher” * the winner


original song

& quot;  Judas and the Black Messiah.  & quot;  Courtesy: Warner Bros. Pictures

“Fight for You” “Judas and the Black Messiah” * the winner

“Chicago 7 Trial” Hear My Voice “

“Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga”

“Lo s Life (scene)” The Life Ahead (from La Vita Davanti A) “

“One Night in Miami” …

Related feature film


“On the moon”

“A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmeddon”

“Soul” * the winner


Adapted script

In the father of Olivia Colman and Anthony Hopkins, & # 39;  Which opens on 26 February.

“Borut Subcontinent Moviefilm”

“husband” * the winner


“One Night in Miami”

“The White Tiger”

visual Basic

Carrie Mulligan Stars & quot;  Cassandra & quot;  Director Emerald Fennell & quot;  Promising young lady.  & quot;  Courtesy: Focus Features courtesy

“Judas and the Black Messiah”


“Promising young lady” * the winner

“Sound of metal”

“Test of chicago 7”

ACTOR in a leading role

Anthony Hopkins & quot;  husband.  & quot;

Riz Ahmed, “Sound of Metal”

Chadwick Boseman, “Ma Rainey Black Black”

Anthony Hopkins, “The Father” * the winner

Gary Oldman, “Manc”

Steven Yeun, “Minari”

Success in a leading role

Francis MacDormand & quot;  Nomadland.  & Quot;  Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures.

Viola Davis, “Ma Rainey Black Black”

Andrea Day, “United States of America vs. Billy Holiday”

Vanessa Kirby, “Pieces of a Woman”

Francis MacDormand, “Nomadland” * the winner

Carrie Mulligan, “promising young lady”

The director

Writer / director Chloe Zhao & quot;  Itinerant & quot;  With actor and producer Francis MacDormand on the set of.

Thomas Winterberg, “One More Round”

David Fincher, “Manc”

Lee Isak Chung, “Minari”

Chloe Zhao, “Nomadland” * the winner

Emerald Fennell, “promising young lady”

production design

& quot;  Standard & quot;  Courtesy: Netflix


“Ma Rainey Black Black”

“Munk” * the winner

“News of the world”



Sean Bobbitt, “Judas and the Black Messiah”

Eric Messersmidt, “Manc” * the winner

Darius Valsky, “News of the World”

Joshua James Richards, “Nomadland”

Fadden Papamikal, “The Trial of the Chicago 7”

costume design


“Ma Rainey’s Blackbottom” * the winner




Achievement in sound

& quot;  Metal sound & quot;  Courtesy of Amazon Studios



“News of the world”


“Sound of metal” * the winner

Related short film


“genius loci”

“I love you if anything happens” * the winner




Carter to Andrew Howard as Merck and Joey Bada $$ & quot;  Two distant strangers & quot;

“Feeling through”

“Letter Room”


“Two distant strangers” * the winner

“White eye”

original score

“Da 5 blood”



“News of the world”

“Soul” * the winner

Visual impact

& quot;  Principle & quot;  Courtesy: Warner Bros. Pictures

“Love and Monsters”

“The Midnight Sky”


“The One and Only Ivan”

“theory” * the winner

film Editing

& quot;  Sound of metal.  & quot;  Courtesy of Amazon Studios



“Promising young lady”

“Sound of metal” * the winner

“Test of chicago 7”

Makeup and hairstyling

Ma Rainey as voila Davis & quot;  Ma Rainey's Black Bottom & quot;  Courtesy: Netflix


“Hillbilly algae”

“Ma Rainey Black Black” * the winner




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