Serena Williams Wins, Setting Up Showdown With Naomi Osaka

Serena Williams Wins, Setting Up Showdown With Naomi Osaka

Melbourne, Australia – Serena Williams would not let Simona Halep participate in the 24th Grand Slam singles championship. not again.

The summer of 2019 may look like a worldwide recovery from an epidemic that is taking the second lap of the calendar. But for Williams, Halep’s scab from Hubble in the Wimbledon final was as fresh as July, as Halep held four matches at the All England Club’s Holiday Grass.

Williams’ 6-3, 6-3 victory over Hallep on Tuesday in the Australian Open quarter-finals was not as surgical as Hallep played in their last meeting, a performance that Billy Jean King called “the most well-executed matches ever.” Described as “one of. Ever seen

On Tuesday night, Williams pitched only 55 percent in her first play, a much lower rate than she herself could. She ended up with more unexpected errors (33) than the winners (24). But at key points, Williams’ moxie and his motor won the day.

Hallep won 3-3 in the second set, Williams won a 20-stroke rally to gain a break point, then a break at the 12-stroke point. Two days later she was extended to three intense sets and more than two hours by Aryan Sabalenka, Williams, 39, gave enough time to beat second-placed Hallep and be 10 years younger.

“I’m feeling pretty good with that performance,” Williams said. “I think I need to do well today, especially after my last match.”

The final of 2019 Wimbledon was the third of four that Williams has played since she won the 2017 Australian Open and won a Grand Slam title to equal the career record held by Margaret Court. He is a win by earning another shot at him, but to get there he will have to defeat another player, who is out of the first run.

It would be third-placed Naomi Osaka, who defeated Williams 6–2, 6–4 in the finals of the 2018 United State Open – the first of Osaka’s three Grand Slam titles. The 23-year-old Osaka, who won the US Open last year, won the first match on Tuesday, winning 19 matches and winning in straight sets on Tuesday. Hsieh Su-Wei.

After her win, Osaka said that she planned to stay to watch the fight between Halep and Williams, though not necessarily to find out who she would face next.

Osaka said, “I always see Serena playing.”

She was not alone. No fans were allowed inside Rod Laver Arena Five day lockout A group of coronovirus infections were planted after detection by Australian authorities in the area. But Williams and Hallep had a crowd of about five dozen spectators anyway, as people associated with the tournament slipped into seats to watch.

“I think everybody sees him in the tournament,” Osaka said, referring to Williams. “Like, whenever I go to the locker room or whatever, there is always people just moving around, watching their match.”

Since Williams won the Grand Slam title for the last time, a lot of attention in women’s tennis went to Osaka. In 2020, she included Williams in the off-court endorsement as the highest-grossing woman in sports with a strength of over $ 30 million. Her rise asked a reporter on the eve of the tournament how she looked as the face of women’s tennis.

“As long as Serena is here,” Osaka said, “I think she’s the face of women’s tennis.”

Who is Williams to argue with? She has worn a diamond “Queen” necklace during all her matches.

Thursday’s meeting with Osaka will be Williams’ 40th Grand Slam semi-final. This will be his first time when he lands against Osaka in a Grand Slam after the 2018 final in New York, a match that became turbulent when Williams was arguing with a chair umpire who called three code-of-conduct violations against him . The incident turned the crowd against him, and indirectly Osaka sourced his moment of victory.

Williams’ smile did not waive after his quarterfinal victory when he was asked about his relationship with Osaka.

“I think both of us are locked up,” Williams said of the 2018 final. He said, “I think he’s a great competitor and a cool cat.”

Williams and Osaka may have competed in the finals of another US Open last year, if not for the injury that hindered Williams in their semi-final loss to Victoria Azarenka. Unlike Osaka, who dropped the French Open last fall due to a stiff hamstring, Williams played at Roland Garros three weeks after the Open. He had won his first match before exiting the tournament, a decision that was proved.

When the start of the Australian Open was pushed back three weeks by an epidemic, Williams was gifted with three open months on her calendar, a welcome block of time that she used to heal her injury and improve her conditioning Used to do

According to Williams’ coach Patrick Mourtoglu since 2012, he reinvented himself for the undisclosed task of improving his fitness with an emphasis on footwork and speed.

“It’s the very few details that make a big difference,” he said.

The daily conditioning grind he has lasting through November and December has allowed Williams to run down balls in February and extend rallies. Known for his attacking style, Williams’s best performance in his last two matches has been his defense.

“He’s running better,” Halep said, “It’s much easier for him to hit balls.” It is hard for opponents to finish talking.

“Williams’ game is very good,” said Hallep. Then he caught himself. Laughing he said, “He always did.”



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