Saturday, April 17, 2021

Sony Pictures makes a streaming deal with Netflix.

In another sign of Netflix’s growing dominance, Sony Pictures Entertainment has signed a five-year agreement that gives the streaming giant exclusive US rights to Sony’s movies after leaving the theater and premium video-on-demand services Will do.

Starting with the studio’s 2022 release, the deal is based on Netflix’s current partnership with Sony Pictures Animation, and the deal has been replaced by Sony, one of the few major studios without its own streaming service, Starz Entertainment has owned it since 2005.

This means upcoming films like “Morbius”, which stars Jerry Leto as the Marvel Vampire, and “Uncharted,” starring Tom Holland in an adaptation of a PlayStation game, after completing its theatrical and on-demand runs Will be available on Netflix. . As part of the deal, Sony will make two to three direct-to-streaming movies a year for Netflix, expand Sony’s slate, and offer exclusive movies to Netflix for its service.

Scott, head of Netflix’s global films, said, “Not only does this allow us to bring the beloved film franchise and Netflix’s impressive slate of new IPs to Netflix in the US, but it’s also a new source of first-run films worldwide Also installs. ” Stuber said in a statement on Thursday.

Sony emphasized that the system would not alter its dramatic strategy. Prior to the epidemic, studios released 15 to 20 films a year in theaters, a plan intended to reinvent that theaters are reopening. The films made for Netflix will be in addition to the theatrical release.

With the epidemic closing theaters for most of last year, Sony Pictures, like most studios, pushed several of its films in 2021. It sold a number of attractive services to Apple and the upcoming animated, including “Greyhound” with Tom Greyx. Netflix’s creators of Sony’s Oscar-winning film “Spiderman: Into the Spider-Worn,” a comedy “The Mitchells vs. the Machine.”

(An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that Sony had signed a four-year deal).

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