Sotheby’s Christo Auction, Part 1, Nets $9.8 Million

Sotheby’s Christo Auction, Part 1, Nets $9.8 Million

Bulgarian origin artist Christo, who Died last may In 84, he was noted for his brilliant ambitions for environmental projects built with his wife, Jean-Claude, Who died in 2009. For decades, as he worked tirelessly (not always successfully) to bring in famous temporary works such as “The Gates”. In central park of new york For Fruition, Christo and Jean-Claude also acquired pieces by friends and contemporaries.

These works, as well as pieces owned by Christo’s own couple, are being auctioned this week by Sotheby’s in a two-part sale in Paris, the city the couple first met after Christo’s communist flee Bulgaria. We met in 1964 before leaving for New York. Proceeding from the sale benefited the artists’ estates.

“They did not consider themselves collectors,” said Matthias Kodenberg, an art historian and close friend of the couple. “They were only worked by artists they knew, or admired or were close to.”

After SS France arrived in New York, Christo and Jean-Claude built a studio in an unused factory at 48 Howard Street in Sohao, where they lived and worked for the rest of their lives. The art with which they “stood as testament to various friendships and encounters,” Kodenberg explained in an auction catalog. “In their eyes, the iconic names were not important, but the stories that bound the pair for each of them certainly were.”

A lot of these stories were told in Sotheby’s catalog entries for the 28 most valuable works presented at a live auction on Wednesday, with a high estimate of € 3.8 million, with fees of 8 million euros or nearly Had raised $ 9.8 million. The online auction of another 347 lots, expected to raise at least € 314,000 (or about $ 380,000), ends on Thursday.

Italian conceptual artist Lucio Fontana was an early supporter of Christo, one of his “rapped cans” sculptures at a group show in Cologne in 1958. Christo and Jean-Claude became close friends with Fontana in the 1960s. During his frequent visits to his studio in Italy, Fontana asked Jean-Claude to choose one of his works.

The selected piece, a trademark canvas with a cut called “Consetto Spazial, Attessa,” the artist inscribed by Jane-Claude, with a low estimate of about $ 360 million, with fees at $ 1.1 million Inspired intense competition from telephone bidders before selling.

Another work, showing the first lady at President John F. Kennedy’s state funeral on the 1964 Andy Warhol “Jackie” silk-screen canvas, estimated to be as high as € 700,000 to € 1 million, or $ 1.2 million. went. This piece was formerly owned by a New York art critic David borden, Who wrote monographs about both Christo and Warhol. According to Codenberg, Bourdon wanted to sell the work, but after receiving an estimate of $ 1,000 from auction houses, he decided to sell it for $ 1,001 instead of Christo and Jean-Claude. It sold for about $ 1.1 million here in Paris.

A treasured modernist “Hoge” armchair by Garriet Rietveld, a pair brought over the Atlantic in SS France, took about $ 257,800; A painted plaster food sculpture by Clade Oldenburg, which helped him find his Howard Street studio, about $ 97,580; A 1964 Warhol “Liz” print that was a gift from Leo Castelli, a titan from the New York gallery world, encouraged Christo and Jean-Claude to move to the United States, climbing more than three times the estimate to $ 91,000 .

It was a point in Cristo and Jean-Claude’s theory that their grand plans were completely self-funded by the sale of Cristo’s various artifacts, such as large-scale paintings.

“Christo came from a communist country; Freedom was very important to him, ”said Vladimir Yavachev, nephew of the artist and director of operations. He is to oversee the arrangement of wrapping in Paris Arc de TriomphePosthumous 24th mass Yavchev said the project was scheduled to begin on 18 September. “That’s why they needed to pay for it themselves.” “The way to get freedom is to sell to whom you want and no one has to answer.”

Christo put back eight impressive wide-ranging images associated with the couple’s twin twin-site “Umbrellas” project, incorporating the simultaneous construction of 3,100 large colored canopies of inland valleys in the United States and Japan. Project ended in Tragedy, When two people died, resulting in premature closure of the artwork after less than three weeks.

Estimated at around $ 241,000 to $ 361,400, the drawing showing the yellow umbrellas carved on the hills of Tejon Pass north of Los Angeles proved a very desirable image, setting an auction record for the artist, of around 2.05 million. Telephone sold to the bidder. A similarly valuable study of blue umbrellas by the Sato River north of Tokyo reached about $ 1.45 million.

An equally impressive five-foot-wide working drawing, a successful 1985 project Putu Nef in Paris Raised about $ 569,000, and Christo’s sought after “package” statues dating from 1961, took $ 626,400.

“Is he wrapped?” The auctioneer, Olivier Valmier, Sotheby’s Paris deputy director, could not resist the joke before the hammer fell. In the end, all 28 lots were sold, signaling Valmier to be presented with a pair of white gloves that came with a completely successful auction.

“It was a real collection,” said Christian Ogier, a Paris-based dealer in modern and contemporary 20th-century art. “It was authentic, and put together at a time when art was not under the spell of big-money.”

Ogier said, “Christo was one of the last greats of that period.”



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