Southwest Airlines delays and cancels flights for third day

Another passenger, 29-year-old Azavier Jackson, said she was disappointed with Southwest, which she was flying for the first time. His flight from Los Angeles to Charlotte, NC was delayed, as was his return trip home on Monday. Ms Jackson’s connecting flight from Dallas to Los Angeles was pushed back Monday night and she left the airport at 6 a.m. on Tuesday. Her biggest disappointment was that the airline did not inform her about the earlier flight she could take.

“It’s not human to make us wait so long at the airport,” said Ms. Jackson. “There was terrible communication. It was like they were saying, ‘Just deal with it.'”

Lynn Montgomery, president of the transportation workers union Local 556, which represents Southwest’s flight attendants, said disruption has also been difficult for Southwest employees. The airline’s management has been providing regular updates to flight attendants, and Southwest worked to provide accommodation for stranded people, they said, as such outages do occur.

“We are all victims of computer and computer issues,” she said, “and when it happens in an airline, it’s massive.”

Like other airlines, Southwest suffered severe losses as the pandemic forced many people to cancel travel plans and stay home for months. But the airline, which carried more passengers than any other in the United States in 2019, fared better.

Southwest, which reported annual losses in 2020, for the first time in nearly 50 years, entered the pandemic with less debt than any other major US airline. And because it flies largely within the United States, it has been relatively unaffected by the sharp decline in international travel. As a result, Southwest posted modest gains in the first three months of the year, the first major US airline to make money since the pandemic began.

So far this year, the airline has announced that it was extension of an order for Boeing’s 737 Max by 100 aircraft and Recalling All Flight Attendants Those who took extended leave of absence in time to make up for the seasonal increase in travel during the summer. In May, Southwest said was looking for improvement in demand, and this month he said it would buy more maximum jet.

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