Sunday, May 9, 2021

Sports World Reacts to Chauvin’s Decision

Echoes resounded throughout the game after a jury in Minnesota Derek Chauvin blamed on Tuesday. As the assassination of George Floyd, athletes, teams, and leagues weighed in on the verdict in a case arguing fiercely about racism and policing in the United States.

NBA’s top star LeBron James called “Acceptance,” Said in a word post on twitter Chauvin was convicted of second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree murder.

After FloydLast May’s murder, as well as the deaths of Breo Taylor, Ahmud Arbe and other black victims of violence, Sports athletes spend most of last year in many activitiesEfforts around racial justice and voting rights issues.

some Take to the streets to join the protests After Floyd’s assassination sprang up across the country, even the games were halted due to the coronovirus epidemic. Others took care of Chauvin’s case and others Resume as competitionsWith statements, public demonstrations and other forms of protest. Soon, the league began to express itself in corporate solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and broader themes of fighting racism and systemic inequalities. Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner, Expressed solidarity with opposing NFL players And in June released a video in which he said, “We, the National Football League, condemn racism and the systematic oppression of black people.”

The assassination of Adam Flower, NBA commissioner and executive director of Mitchell Roberts, George Floyd was an important point to look at race and justice in our country and we are glad that justice has been delivered. Players Association, Said in a joint statement on Tuesday.

WNBA Commissioner Kathy Engelbert said, “While this decision is a step toward justice, we are reminded that justice is often not the result for people of color.”

On the studio show “NBA on TNT” by WNBA star, Candace Parker, said the decision was a step in a journey in which to go for miles. He further said that it should no longer seem unusual to find sports shows dedicated to social and political issues because many people, such as Floyd, were killed without obtaining legal justice for years.

“Democracy is what we think of as a destination, and it’s a continuous journey,” Parker said, “We have to participate actively in it, because if we’re not doing our job and we’re failing that generation Who comes after us. “

“I was going to have a celebration, but then I was sad because we are celebrating something that is as clear as day,” tennis star Naomi Osaka said of the Chauvin decision. Osaka Prompted a tournament to stop the game When he planned to give up solidarity with Buck and the other athletes, who did not play after he shot Blake. “This fact caused us a lot of injustice to hold our breath, in fact it is telling.”

Players Alliance, a group of black current and former baseball players, Said in a statement, “While today’s verdict does not begin for correct justice, it is a step in the right direction towards correcting unsafe police violence against black Americans.”

At least one attempt to react to the verdict, which belonged to the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders, fell flat and met with a confrontation. He posted an image on Twitter with the words, “I Can Breathe” and Tuesday’s date, a clear reference to some of Floyd’s last words, including “I can’t breathe.”

Late on Tuesday night, the Raiders’ owner, Mark Davis, called The Athletic responsible for the post and said the words were in reference to Floyd’s brother, Philonys Floyd, who said at a press conference after the verdict, ” Today, “We are able to breathe again. “

Davis also said he was not aware that supporters of the New York Police Department were wearing “I can breathe” T-shirts after Eric Garner’s death in 2014.

Davis Told athletic, “If I have offended the family, I am deeply, deeply disappointed.”

Several clubs based in Minnesota expressed sympathy for Floyd’s family.

“Throughout our history, racial and social inequalities have pervaded our society. We hope that today’s decision will serve to go one step further, but it does not alleviate the physical and emotional pain that continues in an environment where systemic racism exists, “the NBA’s Minnesota Timberweats and the WNBA’s Minnesota Links Said in a joint release.

Karl-Anthony Towns, the Timberwells star who joined the protests after the murder of Floyd, Said in a twitter post, “Justice and accountability! Things I never thought I would see. Much work remains to be done, but this is a wonderful start to work towards the betterment of this country!”

The NFL also had the Minnesota Vikings, who said, “While today’s decision does not alleviate suffering or resolve unbearable issues of racism and hatred, we hope it may mark the beginning of community therapy,” and Minnesota Wild of the NHL, Joe Expressed the same sentiment

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