Staring Down the Stigma of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Staring Down the Stigma of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Stride bedflow
Adventures in Science, History and Stunning Mysteries of STDs
By Ina Park

Ina Park’s résumé is impressive: she is a physician, part of the faculty of the University of California, San Francisco, and a medical adviser on sexually transmitted diseases at the CDC, but these are not the evidence I hope she would write a great sexual. Book about transmitted infections and the stigma surrounding them. After all, a typical North American medical education involves about 10 hours of sex education, which I received 25 years ago on the first weekend of my undergraduate training as a sex teacher. What I hoped the book would exceed expectations Park’s college job was as a peer sex teacher himself, when he dressed as a giant condom and did a live demo with a prophylactic and banana.

Girl, same!

“Strange bedflow” is, of course, timely, not least because more people are thinking about infectious disease and detect contact now than at any time in history. This is a year worth considering more clearly and the coexistence of compassionate humans.

It is also topical, as Park is clear about the role of race in the US and knowledge of medical infections and the treatment of these infections – the Tuskegee study, just to name the most infamous example, was a syphilis study. Health disparities and malpractices by medical professionals are deeply rooted that are affecting, apparently, African-Americans’ willingness to consider the Kovid-19 vaccine.

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And it is timely because 21st-century autocracies are reliably and virolly misogynist and homophobic, with the President of Poland announcing last year that the word “LGBT” should not refer to people because it is (in his view) a ” Ideology “is dangerous than communism. Want to drive a Nazi crazy? Read a book about how gay people, people of color, and women of all types deserve sexual health care.

But “Strange Bedfellows” is much more than a fresh take on the biggest issues of 2021. It is joyful and funny – related, for example, with habitat loss of crabs in the face of pubic hair deforestation. Park ends with a sentence worthy of most of the chapters and practical guidance for parents and comedians alike. Chlamydia is funnier than herpes. Park, as the lice chapter proves, are hilarious.

And humor is essential to its goal. Compassion, science and a love stigma is the ultimate recipe to remove stigma. As Park shows in the chapter on PrEP (HIV pre-proliferation prophylaxis, which is not the case for those who do not), stigma can reduce people’s willingness to take preventive drugs or use preventive strategies; In this way, stigma literally increases the risk of infection.

Where does stigma come from? Park gestures towards religious institutions and populists and general suspects like the silence of families. She also recognizes the stigma often accepted by pharmaceutical companies, like direct-to-consumer marketing, journalism that describes sexually transmitted diseases in a language that reinforces stigma, and even a Also the prevalence of infection.

Great writing about sex meets readers where they are, and it invites them through the doors of evidence-based sex education, in a world where there is no shame. In Angela Garbs’ “Like a Mother” spirit, Park uses science, compassion, humor, diverse stories and examples of her own shame-free life ( you Become a living model for students who know about gynecological examinations to take the stigma from these infections.

In his introduction, Park asks: “Will shedding light on these hidden dominant genital organisms help us defeat STI-related stigma? I don’t know, but we should start somewhere. Let’s start here, with the self-described “pubic hair lorax. I speak for trees, because trees don’t have tongues.”

Girl, same.



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