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State unemployed claims climb, showing continued stress on labor market: Live update

Credit …Hannah Baird for the New York Times

The job market remains challenging, with the government reporting on Thursday that the state’s initial claims for unemployment benefits peaked last week.

Total 741,000 workers First time claim filed for unemployed benefits of the state Last week, an increase of 18,000, the Labor Department said. This was the second consecutive weekly increase following new claims that reduced an epidemic.

At the same time, 152,000 new claims were filed for epidemic planning assistance, a federal program covering freelancers, part-time and others that are not regularly eligible for state benefits. That was a drop of 85,000.

Neither figure is seasonally adjusted.

Claim exceeded one million earlier this year, but is It has since come down, helping spread vaccination, relaxed restrictions on businesses in many states and the advent of incentives.

Most individuals received payments of $ 1400 in recent weeks as part of the Biden administration $ 1.9 trillion relief package, And the fund should reduce consumer spending in the coming months.

On Friday, the government said that Employers added 916,000 jobs in MarchTwice February gains and the highest since August. The unemployment rate came down to 6 percent, the lowest since the epidemic began, with about 350,000 people joining the labor force.

Still, there is a lot of room to make.

Even after the March job gains, the economy is lacking Ent.2 million jobs, where it was in February 2020. Entire sectors such as travel and leisure, as well as restaurants and bars, are only beginning to recover from the loss of millions of jobs.

Bessemer, Ala.  Counting of Union Drive ballots in an Amazon warehouse is scheduled to begin on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.
Credit …Charity Rachel for the New York Times

The union, seeking to represent workers at an Amazon warehouse in Alabama, said late Wednesday that there are 3,215 ballots – or about 55 percent of the nearly 5,800 workers eligible to vote.

Votes are counted by hand at the National Labor Relations Board’s office in Birmingham starting on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning, according to the Retail Wholesale and Departmental Stores Union. The union said hundreds of ballots are being contested.

The counting of votes will be shown on videoconferencing calls to a small number of outsiders, including representatives of the union and the company, as well as journalists.

Union elections are usually held in person, but the Labor Board determined that the election should be conducted by mail to minimize the risk during an epidemic. Ballots were sent to workers in early February and were in the agency before March 30. Since then, Amazon and the union have had a chance to challenge whether special workers were eligible to vote.

When a public count is made, the agency will announce formal results if the winning margin for one party exceeds the number of ballots contested.

If the margin is narrow, it may take two to three weeks for the NLRB to be trimmed through the ballot papers involved in the election, and proof from both sides of whether they should be counted.

The Bastion Second Reserve.  Not a single thunderstorm created land during last year's rainy season.
Credit …A Rong Ju for the New York Times

Officials are describing Taiwan’s drought as worse than half a century later. And it is highlighting the enormous challenges involved in hosting the island’s semiconductor industry, which is an increasingly indispensable node in global supply chains for smartphones, cars and other keystones of modern life.

Chip manufacturers use a lot of water to clean their factories and wafers, thin slices of silicon that form the basis of chips, Raymond Zhong and Amy Chang Chien report for the New York Times. In 2019, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing CompanyHsinchu consumes 63,000 tonnes of water a day, According to the company, Or more than 10 percent of the supply from two local reservoirs.

In recent months, the government has:

But the most comprehensive measure is a ban on irrigation, which affects 183,000 acres Of farmland, about one-fifth of Taiwan’s irrigated land.

The Taiwanese public has decided that rice cultivation is less important for both the island and the world than for semiconductors. The government is subsidizing producers for lost income. But 55-year-old Chuang Cheng-deng worries that the boiled crop will prompt customers to look for other suppliers, which means years of depressed earnings.

The IKEA store in Francoville, France, where employees were monitored, documents showed.
Credit …Elliot Verdier for the New York Times

Prosecutors are accusing French house, IKEA, Swedish home furnishing veteran and some former engineering officials of “criminal espionage” from 2009 to 2012 of attracting public attention in France.

Perceived snooping Was used to examine employees and union organizers, check workers on medical leave and shape customers receiving refunds for botched orders, Liz Alderman reports for the New York Times. A former military operative was hired to carry out some more covert operations.

In all, 15 people are charged. A verdict from a panel of judges has been set for June 15.

matter Outraged anger After the email was leaked in 2012 For french news media, And Ikea immediately fired a number of officers in the French unit, including its chief executive. There is no evidence that similar surveillance was carried out in any of the other 52 countries, where the global retailer took fresh tack with Swedish meatballs with stylish austerity.

Lawyers for the victims described a methodological operation run with two methods: one that included background and criminal investigations of job candidates and employees without their knowledge, and another targeted union leaders and members.

Ikea’s lawyer, Emmanuelle Doud, denied that Ikea’s stores in France were systematically monitored. He argued that the violation of any privacy was the risk management work of a single person, Jean-François Paris, head of the French unit.

Emails and receipts showed that Mr. Paris had handed over a lot of legacy to Jean-Pierre Foerres, who surveyed hundreds of job applicants, speeding up vetting and hiring to get information from social media and other sources. He also did background checks Customers don’t know Who got entangled with Ikea on a large refund. He insisted that he has never broken the law in collecting background material.

The surveillance involved career workers. In one case, Mr Fouraz was assigned to investigate whether Ikea France’s deputy director of communications and merchandising, who was on a year’s sick leave to recover from hepatitis C, exacerbated the severity of his illness When the managers learned that they had traveled to Morocco.

The Carnival cruise ship docked in Long Beach, California, last year.  The cruise line has threatened to take its ships outside US ports.
Credit …Lucy Nicholson / Reuters
  • Carnival Cruise Line, the largest cruise operator in the United States, Optimistic that many of its US-based lines will be up and running by JulySaid on Wednesday that it filed its first quarter financial report. Arnold Donald, CEO of Carnival Corporation, had bookings for future Carnival cruises up nearly 90 percent in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the previous quarter, “reflecting both significant punch-demand and long-term potential.” Cruise Line’s parent company, said in a statement on Wednesday. The company reported a net loss of $ 2 billion for the first quarter of 2021.

  • The unions, which represent employees at two major podcasting companies owned by Spotify, the audiostreaming giant, Announced on Wednesday that they had confirmed their first labor contract. One of two unions with 65 employees, The Ringer is a sports and pop culture website with a podcasting network. The second union at podcast production company Jimlet Media is under just 50 employees. The two groups were the first to form associations in the podcasting industry, and both are represented by the Writers Guild of America, East.

At a home depot in Mount Prospect, Il Economy
Credit …Name Y. Huh / Associated Press
  • The benchmark index set another record the previous day, a day after Wall Street trading began on Thursday. Investors are awaiting the latest weekly jobless claims report, which may provide a fresh measure of a strong economy.

  • European markets were mostly higher and Asian stocks mostly had a positive day. Oil futures were low, and Treasury yields slipped.

  • Investors were bothered by the comments on Wednesday Federal Reserve Minutes A meeting of officials last month, which suggested that policies supporting markets and businesses through the epidemic, was not going to be lifted.

  • Fed policymakers have said they want to see “substantial progress” towards their employment and inflation targets before withdrawing the adjustment measures.

  • The number of weekly unemployed claims, to be released later on Thursday, come amid growing confidence about hiring in the US economy. Payroll report for march Showed impressive gains of 916,000 jobs. But with that improvement, the economy is still short of 8.4 million jobs where it was in February 2020.

  • Investors are also digesting more details President Biden’s corporate tax plan, Which aims to produce more than $ 2.5 trillion in 15 years. This includes a stricter new minimum tax on global profits and tightening of companies that seek to shut down profits.

  • In Europe, Stokes Europe 600 traded at 0.4, reaching a record high at the end of trading on Wednesday. In Britain, the FTSE 100 was also 0.4 percent higher. In Asia, the Hang Seng had a 1.2 percent increase in daytime in Hong Kong.

  • S&P 500 futures in New York were up 0.3 percent after the index rose 0.2 percent on Wednesday.

  • Oil futures were eroding, as rising coronavirus infections are based on estimates of oil demand. The global benchmark Brent crude was down 0.2 percent at $ 63 a barrel, and the US benchmark, West Texas Intermediate, fell 0.5 percent to $ 59.47 a barrel.

  • Yield of 10-year Treasury notes increased by 2 basis points to 1.64 percent.

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