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States need to find jobs again to have unemployment benefits

Although some experts believe this will give workers a push to get back into the labor force, some advocates fear that it may cause many struggling residents to lose their benefits, threaten their health or they may May take jobs that do not fit their needs.

“This is not the time to put an additional requirement on people who work with many unemployed South Carolina residents,” said Sue Berkowitz, director of the SC Applied Legal Justice Center. “It’s leading to anarchy, and we’ve been in anarchy for a year.”

Millions of people are still out of work

The economic recovery has gained momentum for more than a year in the epidemic. Employers added 916,000 jobs last month – the biggest gain since August – and the unemployment rate fell to 6%. There were major improvements in many hard-hit sectors, including restaurants and bars.
Nevertheless, the US economy has 8.4 million fewer jobs than before the epidemic began. And 4.2 million people – or 43% unemployed – are Out of work for at least six months, Which makes it difficult for them to land new jobs.
Talk about it President Joe Biden Signed one last month $ 1.9 trillion recovery package, Which provides a $ 300 weekly boost to unemployed benefits and two major epidemic unemployment programs by the beginning of September. The Epidemic Unemployment Assistance Program provides benefits to those who cannot work due to Kovid – for example, if they are in vulnerable health or have children whose schools are closed.
In addition, the Department of Labor recently released New rules It claims that claimants remain eligible for benefits by self-attestation that the job offered does not meet safety standards related to the Kovid, such as the wearing of masks, physical protection or the provision of personal protective equipment.

Connecting the unemployed to new jobs

Since Oren Cass, executive director of the conservative think tank American Compass, stated that unemployment benefits are administered by states, officials in each state can determine whether to resume a job search or based on economic and public health conditions But suspended

“This is not April, where the idea is to say, ‘Why don’t you have a job?” Was ridiculous, ”said Cass.

Last month, some unemployed North Carolina residents had to start looking for work or participate in unemployment activities under an executive order issued by Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat government. This applies to those signing up for state or federal benefits for the first time or those filing new claims because they are a beginner New profit year.

For now, two out of three weekly work search contacts can be satisfied through taking a skills course, attending career fairs or engaging in other activities offered by the NCWorks Career Center or a partner group. The state’s unemployment rate in February was 5.7%.

Cooper said, “As we begin to emerge from the epidemic, working people need help. Paying unemployment has become important for families and we want them to get jobs before the payments end.” . “

Idaho Gov. Brad Little, a Republican, has restored pre-epidemiological work requirements for all unemployed residents receiving benefits beginning April 25, as long as they are within 16 weeks of the dates they filed for benefits Not returning to full-time work with employers. Active members of unions that refer members for jobs. The unemployment rate is 3.3%.

Certain closed-off Nevada residents will have to start looking for employment on May 1, though the state has the nation’s highest unemployment rate of 8.3%.

And while there are many unemployed in South Carolina, where the unemployment rate is 5.2%, an online portal must complete two weekly job searches to maintain its eligibility from April 18.

“Over the past several months, we have had regular contact with unemployment claimants about unemployment and the benefits of job and medical coverage on unemployment. Now, we see that we have to do more,” Said Dan Ellezi, executive. The state’s Director of Employment and Workforce, noting that South Carolina has 125,000 residents with benefits and 87,000 open spaces.

However, to overcome and understand the state’s unemployment agencies, said Alexa Tapia, the unemployment insurance campaign coordinator for the National Employment Law Project. It may still take weeks for scheduled residents to approve their initial applications.

He and other advocates fear that the state may not be able to add a new requirement at this time.

“This will put more pressure on the already stressed agencies,” Tapia said.

What do people benefit from this

Chelsea, the mother of a preschool living in southeast Carolina, agrees that the unemployed should seek work – but she is concerned that her efforts may not be properly recorded in the state portal, which she said navigates It’s not easy; Especially with the bus a cell phone. She cannot miss a week of benefits, which she uses for necessities including gas for employment.

The portal said, “It can’t work when I need to work.” “That’s the money we rely on in search of work.”

Chelsea, who asked that her last name not be used, so it is not a hindrance to her employment prospects, used her latest incentive fund to buy a computer to make it easier for her. look for work. She lost her job at the fabric weaving factory last summer, but did not progress through a handful of interviews.

While the state portal has some good job listings, she said, many others are far from her home, much less than she would have paid or posted long ago. And she cannot take the night shift because she has no one to see her young daughter.

Berkowitz said that restoring work search requirements would benefit many unemployed South Carolinians, adding that most people who could work. The state agency already has trouble handling claims and answering applicants’ questions.

“Why would they do something new when they can’t even handle this ongoing problem?” he said. “Their system cannot handle it.”

South Carolina’s Department of Employment and Workforce did not return a request seeking comment.

For others who are waiting to be called back to their jobs, the need to find work may not prove useful to them or to employers who need people eager to work long hours.

Tim is a ferocious bartender in Las Vegas, he hopes to return to a loving job in the coming months and does not want to be forced to apply for positions that he will only have for a short time. Furthermore, he is concerned that he may take a chance away from someone who really needs a job to support himself and his family.

“I’m sitting at my computer, filling out applications for positions that I have no intention of taking,” he said. “I’m not only wasting my time, but I’m wasting the time of employers.”


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