‘Suzanna Endler’ Review: French Riviera Blues

The central figure in the French drama “Suzanna Andler” is a woman to whom passion, tragedy and indecision elicit the same response – a shrug. His voice never rises; Her face rarely betrays her feelings. She talks to her friend, her husband and her lover in one voice. Raising eyebrows is also very active for this inert film.

Susannah (Charlotte Gainsbourg) is the opulent wife of a wealthy businessman. He ignores her, or they ignore each other, and in Susanna’s free time, she takes in a younger boyfriend, Michelle (Niels Schneider). The film takes place on the same afternoon, as Susanna considers renting a summer house with her husband’s money.

Michelle comes to visit, and her presence prompts Susanna to consider pending decisions that haunt her. Should he rent the house? Should she leave her husband? Should he put himself to death? Who cares?

“Suzanna Endler” is a adaptation of a play Best known in cinema for her contribution to the screenplay of the 1959 film “Hiroshima, Mon Amour”, by author Marguerite Duras. Director Benot Jaccott’s interpretation of Duras’s disaffected characters prompted him to keep his images separate. Paan and Jhum show the same detachment that their characters show. The lovers kiss, and the camera moves away from the action.

It’s a test of patience to see these glass sculptures discussing their romantic entanglements, the doll house on the Riviera they’ll probably rent, the bourgeois marriage they’ll probably leave. The camera also seems bored, as if it could go astray.

Susanna Endler
not evaluated. Running time: 1 hour 31 minutes. in Theaters.

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