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While many cities across the country are opening up rapidly, the entertainment situation is bifurcated. Socially distant indoor shows have returned to live-music venues such as the City Winery in New York, and Austin’s Nutri Brown Amphitheater, while NY PopSup is offering a range of indoor and outdoor performances at venues across New York State Is poised to reopen. Broadway. (As part of the venture, Nathan Lane and Sevian Glover were the first performers to grace the Broadway stage since last March, while Amy Schumer, Chris Rock and Hugh Jackman are scheduled for future shows.)

But until the vaccination numbers increase, livestreamed shows will continue. And as the traditional concert season progresses, the scale increases. For example, a concert featuring the Glastonbury Festival (which will not take place in person until 2022) features top-tier artists. But signs of a recovery may be seen in the air at some places, with Kovid living very high in his mind. Selena Gomez will host a Global Citizen concert in an effort to encourage vaccination, while iconic indie artists will come together to honor songwriter Adam Slessinger, who died in 2020 as Kovid-19. So come back to some of these Bahujans and enjoy tuning in safely. Continent-spanning shows.

‘Adam Schlesinger: A Music Festival’

The music, film and TV communities all mourn the loss of Adam Slessinger, the founding member of Wayne’s Fountains And Emmy and Grammy winners who have written songs for films such as “Shallow Hal” and “That’s Thing You Do!” Artists including Courtney Love, Sean Ono Lennon, Michelle Branch and Mickey Dolange will perform their songs at a memorial concert that will benefit MushairaNon-profit organization for needy musicians, And venue Bowery Electric. May 5, 8 pm EST, tickets are $ 20; Rollingloudstudios / pages / box-office

Van Morrison

The next day after the release of his latest album, “Latest Record Project: Number 1,” Northern Irish artists will sing songs with some of their most famous hits, including their first virtual concert. Morrison has made waves in recent months with his anti-lockdown stance, including the threat of suing the Northern Ireland Department of Health, and recently released three songs addressing the bandh, including “No More Lockdown” . Neither of the three will appear in the new album. May 8, 3 pm EST, tickets start at $ 14.99; nugs.net

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