Tesla will move its headquarters to Austin, Texas, Blow to California

When asked for a response, Musk did not confirm or deny what Mr Abbott said. “In general, I believe that government should rarely impose its will on the people, and while doing so, should aspire to maximize their cumulative happiness,” he said on twitter. “That said, I would prefer to stay out of politics.”

Mr Musk revealed the company’s move after shareholders voted on several proposals aimed at improving Tesla’s corporate governance. According to preliminary results, investors sided with Tesla in all but two measures it opposed: one that would force its board members to run for re-election every year, down from every three years, and another. That would require the company to publish more details about its efforts to diversify its workforce.

one in last year’s reportTesla revealed that its US leadership was 59 percent white and 83 percent male. The company’s total US workforce is 79 percent male and 34 percent white.

vote comes a few days later A federal jury orders Tesla to pay $137 million to Owen Diazzo, a former contractor who said he had repeatedly faced racist harassment while working at the Fremont factory in 2015 and 2016. Tesla faces similar allegations from dozens of others in a class-action lawsuit.

The diversity report proposal from Calvert Research & Management, a firm focused on responsible investing and owned by Morgan Stanley, requires Tesla to publish annual reports about its diversity and inclusion efforts, something other large companies already do. do so.

The investor also re-elected to the board Kimbal Musk, Mr. Musk’s brother; and James Murdoch, a former 21st Century Fox executive, despite a recommendation to vote against him by ISS, a firm that advises investors on shareholder votes and corporate governance.

According to preliminary results, proposals for additional reporting on both Tesla’s practice of using mandatory arbitration to resolve employee disputes and the human rights impact on how this source material failed. The company said the final tally would be announced in the coming days.

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