The 2020 films survived. The Oscars diversified. There is more to do.

What is not here is the visionary masterpiece “Chicago 7.” As the righteous faces disaster, the list of nominees is missing the “Culture” film, the hits of the daring. The persistent absence of one led to such a thorn in the academy for a long time that in 2018 it briefly appeared to deal with a popular film category.

Expanding the Best Picture field, in 2009, from five films to 10, the audience was expected to entice more viewers for broadcast and to achieve a mix of safe, engaging and unambiguous. But the industry knew that it was more profitable to increase production on films that would dominate the global box office, but they might not have even liked, while abandoning the creation of those star-delivery mechanisms, which were very Walked in the air at the Academy Awards.

You will still occasionally get a good mix. Last year’s class had everything; And the film that won was Bong Joon Ho’s “Parasite”, a class comedy that was attempted in a homicide. But that kind of mixture seems endangered. The mid-level, adult-contemporary films that we do not find come until the latter part of the year or the later part of the year. And because these films say – “American Hustle,” “Marriage Story” or “1917,”; Or, God help me, “Green Book” – don’t open anymore in February or April or September, they create one type of casual style: the Oscar film. Sometimes, it feels like Tails is now wagging the dog, that films are being bred more for the pleasure of the academy than in our country.

After the broadcast numbers were published every Oscar season is clear about the Hollywood bargainers coming to their planet. Thousands of people who choose Oscar winners also make our films. And they should know that a browning of nomads is only a partial solution. Culture is moving beyond suicidal salutes, not movies.

Average filmmakers don’t get to make “Oscar films” hits unless they are actually what they already are. We did not get a people’s film this year. We can not explain. The film could not bring audiences together to produce an event like “Gravity,” a Curon film lively with action, plot and beauty in 2014 and a Best Picture nominee (CuarĂ³n won for Best Director) A movie Wall Street Journal, United “young and old, men and women, art-film fans, sci-fi geeks and evangelical Christian critics.” Before the epidemic, the film industry started turning its back on film culture. For years, it has been confusing audiences with fans. Films need – or needy – curious customers who don’t know what they want until they see it, a movie we didn’t know we were waiting to find. How does that converge “culture”.

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