Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Ambassador of Myanmar says he is locked in a ‘coup’ outside the London Embassy

Ambassador Kyaw Zawar Min – who broke ranks with his country’s military junta last month – told CNN that he tried to reach the embassy for several hours on Wednesday, but was unable to enter. He said that many of his employees are still inside the building, and are not being let out.

Another source said that Myanmar’s military briefcase in London had taken over the building. He said that a group of at least seven people are inside, one of whom is a child.

CNN has reached out to Myanmar’s military for comment. Phone calls to the embassy went unanswered and emails bounced back.

British Ambassador Kyaw Zawar Min released this statement last month Suu KyiFollowing a call with Dominic Rabab, the UK Foreign Secretary, pledged to release from detention and keep the embassy open.

At the time, Rab said in a tweet that he spoke to the ambassador and “praised his courage and patriotism in standing up for what is right.”

The army responded by remembering him. “Since he did not conduct himself according to the responsibilities given, an order [is issued] MRTV reported that to recall and transfer him to the Ministry of External Affairs.

The source said that the embassy staff were all surprised, but had speculated that something might happen after this happened. Military coup in Myanmar And the ambassador’s statement of disobedience to the junta.

A Facebook live stream on Wednesday showed several people expressing their support for Britain’s ambassador to Myanmar and expressing confusion with the events of the day.

Around 50 people also gathered outside the embassy building in Mayfair, a special part of central London.

Officers from London’s Metropolitan Police were also on the ground, warning people to disperse as they were violating the coronovirus ban.

Most people gathered as the evening progressed, but CNN saw at least four police vans filled with officers’ parks near the Myanmar embassy.

London’s Metropolitan Police told CNN in a statement, “We are aware of a protest outside the Myanmar embassy in Mayfair, London. Public order officers are in attendance. No arrests have been made.”

In a CNN statement, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office said it was “seeking further information following an incident at Myanmar’s embassy in London.”

Myanmar’s military leaders in March called for the removal of another diplomat, after UN ambassador Kawa Mo Tunay called for using “any necessary means” to help restore the country’s civilian leadership. tried.

He, however, refused a decision, which is supported by the United Nations.

Myanmar military spokesman Major General Zaw Min Tun has said that June plans to hold fresh elections after a year of emergency.

Helen Regan contributed to this report.


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