Monday, June 21, 2021

The best view for the supermoon can be on this plane

Australians will have some of these Great idea “Super Blood Moon” this week, but will be even better for passengers on a one-time flight departing from Sydney.

Australian airline Qantas will operate a three-hour flight on Wednesday (Tuesday evening in the United States), in which about 100 passengers will see the moon entering the Earth’s shadow and turn blood red during a full lunar eclipse.

An astronomer from Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Australia’s National Science and Research Agency worked with flight pilots to “design optimal flight paths”, an airline statement said. Astronomer Vanessa Moss will also board the plane to educate passengers about this Lunar event.

The statement said the flight would climb to an altitude of 43,000 feet, “above any possible cloud cover and atmosphere pollution”, the maximum altitude for the aircraft, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. “Cosmic Cocktails and Supermoon Cakes” will be served.

Qantas Chief Customer Officer Stephanie Tully said the flight was “designed for people with a passion for astronomy, science, space photography, aviation or wanting to do something a little out of this world.”

This month, tickets started selling for 499 Australian dollars (about $ 386) for the economy class and 1,499 Australian dollars (about $ 1,162) for the business class.

Stamps sold In less than half an hour.

The flight will depart Sydney Airport and return to Sydney Airport, starting on a scenic route to Sydney harbor. Of australia Travel control Among the most harsh countries in the world, the government has largely banned international travel in or out of the country even for its citizens.

other “Flights to anywhereAirlines scramble to manage a sharp drop in travel, departing during the epidemic. In October, a Qantas flight flew over the northern region of Australia, Queensland and New South Wales, departing and landing from Sydney. Flight tickets sold out in 10 minutes.

Climate activists have criticized the flights as unnecessary and harmful to the environment. Qantas noted that it would take carbon emissions to net zero for its supermoon flight.

For those who won’t Super moon Flight, lunar event Will be seen Mostly from the islands of Australia, East Asia, Pacific and Western America.

The moon will be closest to Earth at 11:50 am Australian Eastern Standard Time, but on the west coast of the United States, visuals will begin at 1:47 pm Pacific time on Wednesday.

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