Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The bistender video in Flister’s body shows “the moment life comes out”, says a pulmonary expert

Dr. a lung specialist Martin Tobin testified that the last moments of George Floyd’s life can be seen in the video of the May 25, 2020 incident.

Reviewing the video in court in front of the gamblers, Tobin said, “Initially you can see that he is conscious. You can see a little fickleness. And then it disappears.”

“So one second he’s alive and one second he’s no longer,” said the pulmonologist.

Toby said, “You can look into his eyes, he’s conscious, and then you see that he’s not. This is the moment when life goes out of his body.”

Floyd said, struggling and trying to breathe as officers stopped him.

“You can see how he is trying to move his hip and try to take air by shaking the right side of his body. You can see him pushing on the road again. Miss, but He is trying to use all his internal spine and to get the air in that right part of the body. Keep in mind that the way they manipulate the left side and push him down the road, making him constantly Is. While cranking up the right side of his body, you can see him right there to try and get some air into the right side of his chest. He’s struggling again and again. He’s shaking the hips again because He is trying to use his spine and get them. – The muscles that carry air to the right side of his chest. And he is trying to use his right hand again and he is trying to use the chain. The reason is unable, the short chain is connecting it to the left side. He is trying to push down. The right hand on the street to try and help him but he does it Is unable to eclipse chains on handcuffs, ”said Tobin.

The expert said that Floyd continued to be banned even after his breath stopped.

“No, the numbness continued even after that – he has an end of respiratory efforts. When you take your last breath the knee stays on the neck at 3:27 after his last breath. The knee remains. There is no pulse .Tobin said, “The officers, after finding themselves, have the knees on the neck for another 2:44, no pulse, the knee remains on the other 2:44.”

Dr. See Tobin’s testimony:


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