Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The Borot Subdentent Moviefilm ‘star Maria Baklova is now an Oscar nominee

How did you learn today that you received your Oscar nomination?

The reality was that from the beginning, hearing my name in conversations with people like Glenn Close or Olivia Colman or Amanda Seyfried or Yu-Jung Yun [her fellow nominees] – It is already enough. I’m happy. I like, I don’t want to be greedy or thinking of anything else because it is already true. I remember when I went on the set this morning, Judge Apato asked me, do you want a break in the meantime [announcement] Function? Do you want to see it? Do you want to be alone? Do you want to be around other people? I was like, no, no, no, please, let’s not talk about this! Let’s just work! Let’s shoot!

and then what happened?

We were shooting a scene with Pedro and me, and Jude came to me in the middle of the take, and he was getting close to me. And I was like, what’s up? Is it so bad that he is not even convinced to say it out loud? Because he was really going, like [leans in closely to the camera], And I was like, Mm-hmm? “You just got your nomination!” What was i I lost my mind at that moment.

Have you had a chance to celebrate the news with your co-stars and co-workers?

Not a celebration, because we were shooting. I was like, should we keep working? But it was a very powerful moment for me and it is going to be with me for the rest of my life, I believe. Because it will never be the same. Even in 50, 60, 70 years, if someday I get a nomination for something else. This is the biggest day of my life, and I was around Jude and Pedro, and I saw in their eyes that they were really happy for me.

Have you talked with Sacha yet?

I have not, because I have just come home. I literally opened the door.

Did you keep track of Rudy Giuliani Further Misbehavior After the release of “Borat”

I still do not want to get involved with the political baggage because I have been living in the US for less than two years. I’m not really politically familiar, for the posts. I must be at some point. I can only say that I was very happy to see such a huge ceremony on 7 November [the day most media organizations called President Biden’s victory]. I was living in LA and I went to the streets of West Hollywood with my girlfriends and it was just beautiful, how many people were celebrating, dancing and singing. They were united.

I was very impressed by Vice President Kamla Harris’s speech where she said that I may be the first but I am not the last. For me, as Maria, I also want this to be my motto. Because Eastern European and as a person who has a lot of recognition at the moment, and on this platform, I would prefer to pay more attention to my region of the world. These people are talented and they need these opportunities. There is going to be another Maria who will be the next one.

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