The CDC panel breaks down the use of the J&J vaccine, which requires the assessment of potential risks.

“Right now, we believe that these events are extremely rare, but we are still not certain that we have heard of all the possible cases, because this syndrome cannot be easily recognized as one associated with the vaccine. , “Dr. Rochelle P. The director of the Valensky CDC, said at a White House press conference on the epidemic on Wednesday.

During the panel discussion, experts noted that a “risk window” for the condition was still open among vaccine recipients and new cases could emerge, as approximately 3.8 million people had received the shot within the last two weeks. In six women, severe clots developed within about two weeks of the shot.

Other experts encouraged the dissemination of health information on the diagnosis and treatment of the condition to spread awareness among doctors, emergency rooms, and people receiving the vaccine. An important point is that blood-thinning heparin, a common treatment for clotting, can harm these patients and should not be used.

Officials also mentioned that people whose condition needed treatment at the earliest, because the clots were so severe. Some patients require invasive procedures to remove large clots from the blood vessels in their brain.

Several panel members reiterated that two other vaccines – Modern and Pfizer – are not available from BioNotech, nor associated with the clotting problem, so continuing would not stop vaccinating most people in the United States.

At the news conference, White House epidemic coordinator Jeffrey D. Ziers said the stagnation would not normally hinder the pace of the country’s vaccination campaign.

“In a very short period of time, we expect some impact on the daily average in the form of transitions and appointments for the Modern and Pfizer vaccines from Johnson & Johnson,” he said. “We have more than enough Pfizer and Modern Vaccine supplies to continue or even accelerate the current pace of vaccination.”

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