Tuesday, April 13, 2021

‘The Courier’ features Benedict Cumberbatch in the Tot Cold War thriller

British and American espionage officials were eager to gather information from Oleg Penkowski (Georgian-born Mareb Ninidze, also terrific), a high-ranking Soviet officer increasingly concerned by leader Nikita Khrushchev’s desire to confront the West has gone. But he needed a way to use what Penkowski knows, using “the KGB will no doubt” collect his secrets.

They arrive near the Greyville Vine of Cumberbatch, but rather a family man who periodically goes to Moscow for business. “, I’m just a salesman,” Wein protests, and he seems genuinely worried and apprehensive before finally agreeing.

There is a fair amount of cloaks-and-dagger gamesmanship, in which Penkowski tries to reassure Wayne by telling the prince’s eyes on the two of them, according to theater director Dominic Cook’s direction from a script by Tom O’Connor. “I’m better than they are.”

Meanwhile, Wayne must keep the entire operation a secret from his wife (Jessie Buckley), who becomes suspicious of his behavior, including a greater interest in physical fitness – and energy in the bedroom – in which he is already involved.

Cumberbatch is very good at portraying Wayne as an ordinary blank thrown in an extraordinary position, whose MI-6 and CIA handlers (later played by Rachel Brosnahan of “The Marvelous Mrs. Massel”) are concerned about her well-being But still willing to put him in danger. ” Penkowski is giving them valuable information.

The film’s heart, however, rests in a bond forged between the two central characters, whose loyalty and compassion to each other is tied to international borders and tensions, as a vivid recollection of the steak preceding the Cuban missile crisis I come to the fore.

Cumberbatch has excelled in many different espionage-type projects, including “Fake games” And a version of John Le Carre’s “Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy” a decade ago. He brings a lot of perceived star power to a film, otherwise it benefits from building tightly, without too much fat on the bones or cauldron around its edges.

At that stage, and others, the “courier” delivers more.

“The Courier” will premiere in theaters on March 19. It is rated PG-13.


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