The director of the bureau said that the FBI conducts a new investigation every 10 hours in China

FBI Director Christopher Ray said in his testimony that no other country represents a greater threat to America’s economic security and democratic ideals than China, noting that its ability to influence American institutions is “deep and broad. And was persistent. “

Avril Haines, director for the US Intelligence, and William Burns, director of the CIA, spoke with Wray during a hearing on Wednesday, the first group of intelligence leaders from the US Congress before 2019, public testimony.

Specifically, Ray identified an indictment related to the operation of a Chinese government called “Foxhunt”, in which he alleged that Beijing had “threatened, intimidated, threatened” blackmail “illegal illegal law enforcement activity” on US soil. Do) “as a member. Ethnically Chinese “migrant”.

“It’s a sign and an example of how challenging and diverse it is for this particular threat,” Ray said.

Chinese government views “Operation Foxhunt” As an international anti-corruption campaign that targets China’s fugitives, often former officials or wealthy individuals are suspected of economic crimes.
The Chinese Foreign Ministry has previously defended the action of its agents abroad, noting that “Chinese law enforcement officials strictly follow international law,” and has accused American criticism of being “motivated by ulterior motives”.
The US intelligence community held a hearing less than a week after its release Annual threat assessmentWhich warned that the Chinese and Russian governments were aiming to use the Kovid-19 epidemic to increase their global impact.

The report noted that Beijing is “intensifying efforts to shape the political environment” in the US, to try to influence political influence and criticize its policies, including a crackdown on civil liberties in Xinjiang and Hong Kong .

On Wednesday, Haines told the Senate Intelligence Committee that the Chinese government has “sufficient” cyber capabilities that “if deployed, could at least cause local, temporary disruption to critical infrastructure inside the United States” is.”

In July 2020, the US government alleges Two alleged Chinese hackers Officials who said they had participated in a “global computer intrusion campaign” included attempts to access American coronavirus research and target human rights activists.

“At no point is it more important to invest in the integration of our norms and institutions, our workforce and our work,” Haines said Wednesday.


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