Wednesday, April 14, 2021

‘The Good Tractor’ Review: The Different Diplomat

In the first few minutes of “The Good Tractor”, a woman slams her husband’s throat in the Cinitorium, and by no means the film’s most dramatic event. The beautiful historical film by Danish ambassadors Heinrich Kaufmann and Christina Rozendal in the United States is reminiscent of their renegade campaign to save Denmark after the Nazi invasion of 1940. Based on the wheels of Washington, DC, Kauffman (Ulrich Thomson) and deals with the president. Franklin D. Roosevelt (Henry Goodman) and others in defense of the surrendered government’s return to Copenhagen to secure America’s support.

Kauffman’s machines – giving Roosevelt exclusive access to Greenland, and generally acting like an informal leader in exile – were chaotic during the war. Rossendahl reveals a secret history of back-porch diplomacy: Roosevelt was a family friend of Kaufman’s wife, Charlotte (Dennis Goff), allowing the couple to suppress their cause during a visit to the orchard costumes.

While the diplomacy patients sit in does not translate reliably to the high drama, the somewhat cold-fish ambassador is busy with the front-of-house work with Charlotte’s beloved sister, Xilla (Zoë Tapper). (Even FDR notices – and commits.) The film’s main setting, the embassy grounds, is shot with a lush, charged ambience, sometimes overlapping with audio dispatches about the war.

Rosendahl’s framing complicates the narrative of the period to any “great man”, and shows how the energies of the public and private worlds move back and forth. And in case you’re wondering, years after the Second World War, the inauguration was cut off, apparently by the police classifying it as “mercy killing”.

Good traitor
Not rated. In English and Danish with subtitles. Running Time: 1 hour 55 minutes. In theaters and available for rent or purchase Google Play, Of vudu And other streaming platforms and payment TV operators. Please consult guidelines Outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention before watching movies inside theaters.

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