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‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ highlights the latest season Janeen

Before being forced to become a maid inside Gilead, Jane, played by Madeline Brewer, was a waitress with a son named Caleb.

“When they used to turn me into a freak, everyone would see that when you are bad, everyone can see,” Jeannie says in a voiceover about her character’s journey. “Since then I tried so much to be good, but then I realized that breaking the rules was the way forward.”

The flashback depicts Aunt Lydia (Ann Dowd) as a punishment for talking back with her right eye removed. Still rebellious, she joins June Osborne (Elizabeth Moss) to rescue dozens of Gilead’s children and help the other handmaids escape.

When season 4 opens, Janeane plays an important role, saving June’s life.

“In this season, Janey is out of Gilead, or is making her way out of the guild,” Madelyn Brewer, who plays Janeen in the series, told CNN in a recent interview. “There are some amazing things out there, story-wise of being able to experience a world outside of Gilead, what it means, what freedom looks like that way. But then we get to see some flashbacks to Janine and her life as well Are., Which has been really special for me personally in that time, to know him that way. “

Brewer said that while he did not fully envision the backstory for the character, he had some thoughts about the trauma and created his own performance from there.

“I didn’t want to make a decision in my mind about what she was and who she was before talking to this writer or having scripts for this season,” she said. “So, I had some ideas about who she was, maybe what part of the country she is from and her life was like before. I imagined a lot of lines with what I wrote.”

In collaboration with the writers, he created a deep arc for Brewer’s character this season.

“I think we’ve all had Janeen on our minds for some time, and I think she’s a character that everybody has made together. I’m so glad that we really aligned, so we’re a Looks like new. Jenin, “she said. “As our world becomes more widespread, as we move from Gilead, so does Jenine’s personality. She is capable of other parts of herself and who she has been in the past.”

Brewer, who starred in “Orange is the New Black”, said he also took quotes from his former co-star Uzo Aduba, who played Susan “Crazy Eyes” Warren in the series.

“This is something I’ve really learned, it was through Uzo Aduba. In any interview I’ve seen with him, the way he talks about Suzanne is this kind of love and such Is with the affair. And she never let Suzanne go crazy. She was always, always reaching out to him with full respect for the life that Suzanne lived and the woman she is, “he said. “And that’s what I wanted to do with Jane. I never wanted her to be just crazy. I wanted to [to show] He is basically in response to trauma. “

The Brewers have been living with Janine on their minds since the cast and crew began shooting in Toronto in March 2020. He worked for two weeks, before the world was shut down due to a coronovirus epidemic, and did not re-shoot for seven months. Later. She said that despite the epidemic and the heavy theme of the show, women were known to work.

He said, “I like working. I mean that working with Elizabeth Moss has not only made me a better actor, but also a better person. I’ve approached my work, I think, in better ways. From. ” “I’ve made so many good friends over it and people ask me all the time if this is such a boomer thing to do and I like, ‘This is the best time I’ve ever had, the most fun I’ve ever had.’ .. ‘Whom I know is crazy, but it really is. I have to go to work with my friends. I have to go to work with artists that I deeply respect and admire. And to learn from them every day, it’s no good. “


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