The Lockdown Showed How the Economy Exploits Women. She Already Knew.

The Lockdown Showed How the Economy Exploits Women. She Already Knew.

In December, 156,000 women lost jobs; Men gained 16,000, According to an analysis by the National Women’s Law Center. But, as is commonly the case, the evaluation of “women” as a general class hides something important: Another dissection of the data revealed that it was Black, Latina, and Asian-American women who suffered job losses – White women had actually secured jobs. It is expected that when a large number of unemployed women will re-enter the job market, they will be given lower wages than before.

In the final year, 2.3 million American women reportedly dropped out of the workforce – often to take care of the child when school and day care stopped. Because they have completely left the work force, and are not looking for new jobs, they are no longer counted in unemployment figures.

In the last year, America’s billionaire has become rich at $ 1.1 trillion. Amidst all this, there is a debate as to who is acceptable to sacrifice their life to save the economy. President Trump admitted in May that more people would die as soon as we resumed economic activity, but, he declared, “we have to bring our country back.” Whose country is it? Back for what?

It is no surprise that hunger is increasing in a different way, a society less resistant to evaluating human life than it is to a wealthy, white, often male ruling class. Stands in the way of profit. Kienga-Yamhetta Taylor wrote in March, “A society that allows millionaires to keep their wealth in vacant apartments,” Kanega-Yamhetta Taylor wrote in March, “for millions of people to live inside to suppress the virus Is motivated. ” Stunned by its disharmony and inhumanity. ”

Taylor is among a generation of scholars and activists who embody the new wings of the feminist movement closed by leftist, often mainstream white feminism. Writing in 1984, Hooke expresses it this way: “Many liberal feminist reforms, especially in relation to work, only liberate women from capitalist, materialistic values ​​(illustrating the resilience of capitalism) in the true sense of economic Without being reinforced. ” Many writers of that era, including Hook, Angela Davis, Audrey Lord, and members of the Kombahi River Collective, emphasized that what is now widely seen as common sense: feminism is both toothless and hypocritical If it ignores the material needs of women who are poor, black, gay, trans, disabled, immigrant or living outside the United States. His legacy has been taken up by contemporary social-justice activists and scholars such as Taylor, Adrienne Marie Brown, Rachel Kargall, Dean Spade, and Marim Kaaba. This is where the energy of the Left is now, if not the most money or institutional power.

There is a pressing question at hand, still unanswered as to how the American feminist movement will now regroup itself, and whether it will push in an ideological direction, with thinkers more marginalized. The “liberal feminist reform” of the late 20th century, which turned into corporate feminism of the 21st. It hit its logical endpoint in the branded and slogan feminism of the last 10 years. There was a “lean” in feminism, which held that women’s entry into the C-suite required only the right kind of will power and determined obliviousness to the demands of forming a family. The swagification phase was: Future IS Fembel T-shirt, “Still, He Constantly” Baseball Cap. Wing had a merch shop (“women’s place” with high prices, baby-pink interiors and, as staff claimed, abusive and racist internal culture) the wildly popular “Head Witch in Charge” pin and “Girls Doing” Is selling whatever [Expletive] They want “the head chain.

As it turns out, “girls,” or more precisely women, could not be found to do whatever they wanted this year. Although – as people pointed out to the main chains – generalizing for “women” as a blanket category is a flawed possibility. (“What do you mean when you say women?” I asked Federic on one of our steps. “For me it’s always been in the context of a political category,” he said, calling “women” all those people Is defined as those who suffer. Historically the physical conditions assigned to women, including trans and nonwed people, intersex and agender people and queued people.) And years like 2020 not equally on all women Come.



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