Sunday, May 9, 2021

‘The Mitchells vs the Machine’ Review: When Bots Attack

Nothing says “family bonds” like a road trip through a robotic apocalypse. Bizarre and oddly funny case at least for Mirche Netflix animated film “Mitchell vs. the Machine.”

Katie Mitchell (Abbie Jacobson), a film buff with a long filmography of YouTube videos, is going to college to find “her people”: fellow tech-lovers, mem-loving cinephiles. She collides with her temperamental father, Rick (Danny McBride), who gives Katie a last-minute family road-trip pitch to her school with Linda (Maya Rudolph), Katie’s aggressively positive mother. is; Aaron (Mike Rianda), Katie’s dinosaur-obsessed younger brother; And Monchi, his chunky maneuvering Pagli.

As the family sets out on their strange journey, a well-tech Genius device in Silicon Valley introduces an upgrade, which leads to the robot takeover, La La ”.I robot, “That only Michelle can stop. Thinking”That wonderful“- But instead of a family of heroes, here is a family of furry cooks who face calamities, bad vending machines, and threats of devilish furbys.

Directed by Mike Rianda and written by Rianda and Jeff Rowe, who both worked on the beloved series “gravity Falls, “” The Mitchells vs. the Machine “not only features laudable eccentric characters, but also a script packed with boxers, fast-paced action – detailed, wild scenes to match. Film Live Action Combines ancient digital animation with images and 2D drawings – Katie’s adjective, serving as both our narrator and director, imaginatively revises and annotates the story as she tells it. Film references and With a seemingly endless number of hidden gags, he makes a film with not only laughter (though, trust me, there are plenty of them) but a clear, well-made identity.

Do you think Your Famous family? Just take a trip with Michelle – they’ll show you all of that weird fun.

Michelle vs machines
Rated PG. Running Time: 1 hour 53 minutes. Watch on Netflix.

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